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 reviews by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo

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And here it is!: the second day of the festival that shakes the Earth! and it's right: yesterday was just an aperitif, today the earth will be shaken many times by mighty riffing's and drumming's! But "aperitif yesterday" left us with a major cloudburst, remember? Today we emerge from a stressed camping place that has suffered wet tents and a certain quantity of mud into which every meadow turns after such a downpour. Anyway already in the first morning the works in order to make the entrance to the camping good passable by feet and wheels were in full gear. The weather is still warm but the tail of the crying clouds persists. Therefore we will have a variable sky with sun and short passages of rain, which will affect in different ways the many concerts of today. Many concerts indeed: 12 bands will hit the stage following a revisited schedule that is imposing a kind of marathon to the acts and t the crowd also due to the inclusion of Rose Tattoo's gig in an already full bill. Many shows must be shortened to create a window of opportune length for the glorious Rockers. For the rest...we are the people of boots, steel and claws: the rain didn't switch off any enthusiasm and good mood: the number of visitors, many of them are here since two days just for attending Helloween and/or In Flames, is bigger than yesterday. The Fest area opened at 10:00 h and the number of visitors grows... But, like just mentioned, Helloween and In Flames' "ghosts" flutter in the air so much that the crowd , anyway attentive and involved in the cool concerts of today , could have been even more generous with the previous bands, while, on the contrary the maximum enthusiasm will explode in front of the headliners only. Today my targets are 2 interviews: with Leaves' Eyes and Helloween + the concerts of Dream Evil, Leaves' Eyes, Destruction, Helloween and in Flames. I'm interested in Dew-Scented and Sodom too, but we will see that the interview with Helloween will take place in the same moment of Sodom's gig. Anyway the photo-gallery will feature so many bands.
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ES-IIDay6.jpg (21140 Byte)  


PSYCHOPUNCH     psychopunch
We reach the area at 11:20 when Psychopunch are still playing. Monitors are enveloped in a cellophane-like protection: the stage is ready for any eventuality. Here the photos.

ES-psychopunch1.jpg (97397 Byte)  ES-psychopunch2.jpg (89632 Byte)  ES-psychopunch3.jpg (92343 Byte)
DREAM EVIL   dream evil  


I'm very curious to see the Swedish act of Heavy Metal (and of the beautiful dragon logo) live. Their album "The Book of Heavy Metal" has been greeted by GM with a remarkable appreciation. Let's see now their ability in flesh and blood. Dream Evil start off with the title track The Book of Heavy Metal indeed: effective opener, the best choice. They win immediately the attention, an attention well placed from the moment that the concert has no downs at all, remaining alive and pounding from the first till the last note. Their look, a bit eccentric, somehow "in the middle" between Rock and extreme Dark metal, represents a good way of expression of this Heavy rockin' cadenced music, seriously proposed. Dream Evil are after all severe on the stage, nevertheless agreeable. They are absolutely compact and resolute with grit. Lead solo's are well executed, the mobility is good. 

The rain becomes to drop over The Sledge that appeals with its refrain "by the sledge of Rock". Spontaneously the audience claps hands and sings "..by the sledge of Rock!" at the face of the climbing  humidity. Niklas Isfeldt 's vocals are constantly strong with a  timbre that reminds  of Scorpions' Meine, pleasantly and (fortunately) not always highpitched showing even more depth, like we can admire in the very solid and catchy Crusaders' Anthem. The drummer, dressed like a medieval executioner, provides for a good rhythm while the solo's become more and more sparkling. The song M.O.M makes the audience sing along a lot unleashing warm applauses and a good numbers of horns up. The rain  calms down, while Niklas finds time and athletic spirit in order to spring down the stage in 2 jumps, getting a more direct contact with the fans. When the show ends, it seems it has flown away in one minute. Extreme Rock in the colour of the 80's has morphed into Heavy Metal, opening a real march of the Metallians, with hard hooklines but also touching melodies, making honor to the name of the festival. The encore is asked in a sincere way though not through an oceanic chorus. You can see them like a combination of many famous groups that have their roots in the 80's, but, for me, they can mainly become the new Scorpions...and sorry if this is a small thing ;)!


ES-dreamevil1.jpg (106094 Byte)  ES-dreamevil2.jpg (96048 Byte)  ES-dreamevil3.jpg (63911 Byte)  ES-dreamevil4.jpg (71418 Byte)  ES-dreamevil5.jpg (72886 Byte)
ES-dreamevil6.jpg (90160 Byte)  ES-dreamevil7.jpg (72691 Byte)  ES-dreamevil8.jpg (65543 Byte)  ES-dreamevil9.jpg (77290 Byte)  ES-dreamevil10.jpg (76319 Byte)  ES-dreamevil11.jpg (97702 Byte)
LEAVES'EYES     liv kristine               


Leaves' Eyes arouses a lot of attention here at the Earthshaker . You can tell what you want, but the mix Atrocity + Liv Kristine has created a band able to put in chains even the hardest bangers. Supported by a very good album that it is casting a spell a bit everywhere, the result is that this presumed softer gothic ethereal fraction of the fest gathers a noticeable answer, beyond any curiosity. We defy the unsettled weather, but this "new" Liv Kristine must be seen. Moreover it's high interesting to listen to Lovelorn stuff live. The surprise is that Lovelorn is not only sweet and melodic, indeed some tracks, that appear stronger already on CD, sound totally mighty live, thanks also to a sound mixed and  directed with care. But let's proceed with order: the first hit is Liv's appearance. She looks  like a fairy lady, so beautiful and gentle with such a nice voice, speaking so good in German, a voice that becomes perfect vocalism during the songs. Our magic fairy from Norway and band mates   must take the stage at 12:35  among inviting smells of roast pork, yellow-red lights and an uncertain sky. The intro reminds immediately of the typical Lovelorn atmosphere. Smoke effect, guitars and bass start off with an unmistakable arpeggio, she hits the stage like a sea blue enchantment, smiling. The password is: good taste. Atrocity yesterday have not played: so double attention. Though Leaves'Eyes is a band "per se" and not a project like confirmed by Mr. Lukhaup too, the Atrocity component competes with Liv's charism. Therefore already at the first chords the "spotlight" is directed over all members of the band on the stage, while a major thought pushes its way in everybody's mind: "Alex , where is he"? heheh just wait, and exactly the chapter III

The arpeggio introduces Norwegian Lovesong with which we begin (chapter I), followed by Tale of the sea made (chapter II).  The substance of the sound perfectly gives the idea of the album, i think that obviously the base of the more symphonic part is used, but the participation of the whole band on the stage is flawless. Then,  with Ocean's Way Leaves' Eyes push such a potency of instruments . Alex hits the stage and it's a break out, it's a burst bringing aggressiveness and grit in the melodic sweetness with just thin opera flavours. 

Now there is  a duet, there is the low evil rasping male attack that instigates to action. Herr Krull, with his experience and ability, knows how to shake the mesmerized crowd. I could add that i  think he has found also his personal proper  image..  Chris Lukhaup plays with an impressive and varied technique of playing; also guitarists and drummer are brilliantly expressing the sound. Unfortunately the weather has nothing better to do than pouring out another shower. Though less intense than the thunderstorm of yesterday, it is quite impossible to remain here in front of the stage without getting wet till the bones. before my notebook dissolve, i must leave when the band plays The Dream. Nevertheless many persons remain, the show can go on. Liv said  that she is sorry for this rain, hoping that it's not her fault :). From the event hall i can only hear that also the track Temptation with its old- fashioned charme is proposed. After the concert i had the possibility to interview bassist Chris Lukhaup taking the occasion to ask questions about Leaves' Eyes and Atrocity, about composing and science, about projects and way of playing. Thank you a lot Chris!

  ES-leaveseyes02.jpg (91807 Byte)   ES-leaveseyes04.jpg (82426 Byte)  ES-leaveseyes06.jpg (68476 Byte)  ES-leaveseyes07.jpg (71661 Byte)  ES-leaveseyes09.jpg (82291 Byte)



ES-leaveseyes11.jpg (111941 Byte)  ES-leaveseyes12.jpg (100994 Byte)  ES-leaveseyes13.jpg (87606 Byte)  ES-leaveseyes14.jpg (85527 Byte)  


DEW SCENTED        dew-scented
After the wide and very interesting interview with Chris , done during the turn of Justice, i relaxed a bit. I am interested in the following Dew Scented, but i think that for observing Dew Scented another occasion can be more suitable. Stefan is ready with the camera. Me, on the contrary... i need a short pause . But somehow Pinocchio's Jiminy Cricket and his "let the conscience be your guide" goes on whispering: "Dew Scented - Dew Scented , go and see them!!" I went out from the hall in time for attending the last part of Dew Scented 's concert, this is to say the last 2 songs. Dew Scented play a brilliant , very extreme,  fast Thrash with neckbreaking loops , i prefer them to Slayer. Period. And to underline even more the concept i 'd really suggest to support this fresh young German fast Thrash. The first of these 2 songs is Soul Poison from the latest album Impact. Played like a bomb. When the track is finished, singer Leif Jensen tells to the audience " well there is time for another song: we have played too fast!!" ... "wir haben zu schnell gespielt!" hehehee these words picture well the band! The crowd approves and , if i 'm not wrong, Acts of Rage is presented. Eh yes it is not my fav Cities of the Dead.. but very probably they have already shot this track. I only had to move my ass before... Jiminy Cricket is always right, sigh!



ES-dew-scented1.jpg (75491 Byte)  ES-dew-scented2.jpg (60411 Byte)  ES-dew-scented3.jpg (80846 Byte)  ES-dew-scented4.jpg (87423 Byte)  ES-dew-scented5.jpg (100326 Byte)


ES-dew-scented6.jpg (99986 Byte)  ES-dew-scented7.jpg (101993 Byte)  ES-dew-scentedcrowd.jpg (97977 Byte)
ROSE TATTOO     rose tattoo
The old rockers are  unbelievable. They are not only charismatic guys, no, they are old young boys that still have a lot of fun playing their classic American Rock with Blues and Country influences. Both organization and band have not disappointed the fans. Rose Tattoo are here and unstoppable like the hot temperature that still rides around. In the meanwhile a bright sun definitely smiles in a sky that is becoming more and more blue. Rain, bye bye. Unfortunately i don't like at all this kind of Rock, i cannot even stand it, matter of pure personal taste, but i cannot help to notice the strong vocals and the enthusiasm in making the concert. Rose Tattoo, bye :)


ES-rosetattoo1.jpg (88365 Byte)  ES-rosetattoo2.jpg (85757 Byte)  ES-rosetattoo3.jpg (90348 Byte)  ES-rosetattoo4.jpg (84458 Byte)
ES-rosetattoo5.jpg (70313 Byte)  ES-rosetattoo7.jpg (71826 Byte)
SODOM      sodom 

Sorry, there will be another occasion. The interview with Helloween's bassist, Mr. Markus Grosskopf, is important. Nevertheless Stefan comes impeccable with his photos!

ES-sodom1.jpg (76524 Byte)  ES-sodom2.jpg (105720 Byte)  ES-sodom3.jpg (88330 Byte)  ES-sodom4.jpg (59739 Byte)  Es-sodom5.jpg (71381 Byte)
ES-sodom6.jpg (69621 Byte)  ES-sodom7.jpg (98890 Byte)  ES-sodom8.jpg (74308 Byte)
DESTRUCTION          destruction
Destruction, presented by Ezpharess from Mystic Circle deliver one of the best "earthshaking" concert of the day. Destruction show their teeth, concentrated , implacable. But the first impression in me impacts into a theoretical question: where is Schmier? And not because it's imposing silhouette and his vocals were not immediately recognizable, but less blonde than the usual and so highly concentrated , straight to the point , so determined  seems different and even better than the Schmier seen at the Metal Dayz one year ago. 

The new album Metal Discharge is represented, as well as tracks of previous era's,  empowered by a good sound. The trio Schmier, Mike and Marc of The Butcher strikes back is an earthquaking machine from Thrash till Death to Metal Discharge, from The ravenous Beast till Curse the Gods. Just look at the pictures! The only flaw goes to the crowd that could have been  more enthusiast. 


  ES-destruction2.jpg (80623 Byte)  Es-destruction3.jpg (79712 Byte)  ES-destruction4.jpg (78463 Byte)  ES-destruction5.jpg (74415 Byte)  ES-destruction6.jpg (86645 Byte)


U.D.O.        udo    our interview in Greece
Here the photogallery.


es-UDO1.jpg (72179 Byte)  es-UDO2.jpg (73945 Byte)  ES-udo3.jpg (61733 Byte)  ES-udo4.jpg (74796 Byte)  ES-udo5.jpg (73052 Byte)


ES-udo6.jpg (56426 Byte)  ES-udo7.jpg (66433 Byte)  ES-udo8.jpg (59749 Byte)  ES-udo10.jpg (78331 Byte)
HELLOWEEN       helloween



It's evening with the schedule shifted toward late hours :Helloween will end their show around 11:30. The naughty pumpkins are a great attraction here at their home Germany, where they count on faithful fans. The pit  is really crowded, total presence for them and In Flames. Announced by a sinister spoken intro, Helloween are acclaimed and warmly welcomed. well well...eh surprise surprise, the push and dynamism put on the stage is impressive, the bands seems re-born with a new effective energy. From the first mood of the concert i can see that some things are not changed from the gig in Zürich of the last autumn, and maybe will never change: Weikath's eternal cigarette, Deris 's total personal way of taking wrong notes, the typical stage acting of a "Power" show . All things that are a torture for my ears and eyes, but with my great pleasure something is, on the contrary, changed and for the best. Helloween are more energetic less disorganized, more concentrated, Andi Deris makes mistakes and always appear like an Ibiza tourist, but much is sung well, while his gestures a la master of puppets are less recurrent and exaggerated: he is really more focused on the songs. Guitarist Sasha plays well he appears a lot more mature. The smiling and always good mooded Grosskopf offers a big contribution to the rhythmic session that is simply  a pillar tonight, again... The drumming, like in Zürich, is absolutely great, even more resolute tonight with bass drum -compressions that are the gear the makes the difference. Tonight again we attend the long version of the mythical The Keeper of the Seven Keys part II, during this track the bands speeds up and slows down like a race-car. Weikath launches many picks to the fans but every time after having played with them, he smashes even some touches of class. Sasha's solo after The Keeper finds a pumped up and excited audience. Hey Lord announced by Deris as being a special important song for him (he is the author too), though completely out of tone in its first part is a relief for me , being one of my fav's.

 Open your Life is extracted from the latest album, followed by Eagle fly free. If i could fly , with its unforgettable piano notes and its enthralling hookline, is sung well! (miracle) and  so well performed that is a pleasure to listen to it. Therefore i'm very disappointed to see that the audience doesn't express all the enthusiasm that this If I could fly deserves. Power is proposed with the same interactive intermezzo seen in Rome. So pathetic for me: i have a complete black out i disconnect from the right or left part, which is the best, who sings better: the right part or the left one? the linksträger or the rechtsträger?  When Helloween greet the Earthshaker and receive the many applauses and approvals, with the launch of the sticks and the presentation of the band members, piano/key player too, i can only deduce that so many beautiful songs are constantly ignored and not included in the set list. All in all a good show, that however has lost me along the way ... from Power.


ES-helloween01.jpg (89468 Byte)  ES-helloween02.jpg (89080 Byte)  ES_helloween03.jpg (75668 Byte)  ES-helloween04.jpg (62891 Byte)  ES-helloween05.jpg (75573 Byte)
ES-helloween06.jpg (75241 Byte)  ES-helloween07.jpg (77842 Byte)  ES-helloween08.jpg (78735 Byte)  ES-helloween09.jpg (69096 Byte)  ES-helloween10.jpg (79790 Byte)
ES-helloween11.jpg (78427 Byte)  ES-helloween12.jpg (92269 Byte)  ES-helloween13.jpg (83057 Byte)  ES-helloween14.jpg (81930 Byte)  ES-helloween15.jpg (73408 Byte)


IN FLAMES          in flames  
Supercrowd ready for headbanging, moshing and crowd surfing. The image of the cover art of Soundtrack to your Escape will bless a concert of Melodic Death arranged with Modern of excellent manufacture. A long queue of photographers is waiting to burst into the photo pit . Oh yes and all this blessed by the music of Paradise Lost coming out in low volume from the giant boxes . Aha aha setlist from the background soundtrack of this turnover: Mouth, Fader, Look at me now, Something Real, Sell it to the World.. this BIN repertoire cannot be ignored by me. Only few maybe care about this background, but i cannot let it flow away unnoticed. We wait In Flames listening to PL, and we will leave the fest again at the sound of  the new PL. 

But back to In Flames, welcomed by the super joy of the audience. They look like a small  battalion, a small commando: all dressed in syntony, showing mobility and  self confident dynamism. Though so successful, they play tight without haughtiness, earth-quacking, giving at times a feeling of cosmic vertigo. After midnight is fire in the pit thanks t the crowd gone crazy, and on the stage thanks to recurrent pyro effects and thanks to a band that is up to the task. Fire with songs like The quiet Place, or Touch of Red, or Trigger, Only for the Weak, Like you better dead, My sweet Shadow (that closes the show). Anders Friden smashes there a super vitaminic acting, supported by a band that works hard all the time, guitarists Strömblad and Gelotte included. No one remains in his corner alone with an inspired expression in a  "divus" role. " Alright my friends! are you ready?" We are all crazy, banging like mad. In Flames are also still able to communicate with the people and to be interactive though in a different than Helloween. "Applauses for John!" after that this John (?), taken from the crowd as one who learns drumming, got the honour to sit behind In Flames skins for a short solo. The negative side: an horrible sound, that has penalized many songs among which Touch of red too. You can imagine how able is the band if the result is so satisfactory in spite of this awful pasta- sound, sticky and not clear. In Flames say goodbye telling " see you next year"! but we of gryphonmetal will find them very, very soon again at the PDOL (Piteå Dansar och Ler) in Sweden. The encore requests fade away slowly into Nick Holmes' voice. Good night.

dalia di giacomo    

ES-inflames01.jpg (80996 Byte)  ES-inflames02.jpg (72147 Byte)  ES-inflames03.jpg (76599 Byte)  ES-inflames04.jpg (62634 Byte)  ES-inflames05.jpg (47594 Byte)


ES-inflames06.jpg (76553 Byte)    ES-inflames08.jpg (74647 Byte)  ES-inflames09.jpg (86198 Byte)  ES-inflames12.jpg (50063 Byte)
  ES-inflames13.jpg (77294 Byte)  ES-inflames14.jpg (75036 Byte)  ES-inflames15.jpg (57523 Byte)  ES-inflames17.jpg (39351 Byte)  ES-inflames18.jpg (70744 Byte)
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