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In Blackest Velvet - InSuiSight


Lamb of Liberty

Flames await

Suicide Sun

Bastard Show



Christian Müller – Vocals
Tobias Bruchmann – Bass & Backings
Michael Kugler – Guitars
Piotr "Pepe" Kowalski – Guitars
Adriano Ricci – Drums
IN BLACKEST VELVET: "InSuiSight"   Maxi CD      in blackest velvet              

recorded at Riza Music Studio in Essen- Katernberg (Germany) - 8 page- booklet with photos and lyrics -  produced by In Blackest Velvet, co-produced and engineered by cazy - mixed and mastered by cazy and In Blackest Velvet


review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

Interview with Chris, Micha and Tobias



"come follow me, follow me into this bastard show"

In Blackest Velvet means fresh  German Melodic Death Metal of impact and elegance. I am always very pleased when i can  propose to our readers some Melodic Death of good quality which combines aggressiveness  with creative and beautiful emotional melodies, able to catch ears and mind. The Maxi CD "InSuiSight" is the case. Some light drops of metropolitan hardcore are mixed so well with Rock and Roll appeal, effusive feelings and  anger that the result is a darkened gratification. In Blackest Velvet, that gathers up also members involved in  the well known combo Night in Gales, makes honor to the great vital vein that is pulsing in  Europe,  though some vague influences from Canadian style  can be recognized as well (in the song Suicide One, for example).  Everything is so brilliantly shaken with its own personality, nothing is forced : In Blackest Velvet are Rock'nRoll, are Modern metal , are Melodic Death of wide range, with some vein of bulldozing Hardcore and Dark metropolitan Rock,  and  you perceive all this as one and only watermark. So versatile and compact . We could say they fully explain our time and our society .In fact they makes honor to their moniker too (taken from the title of the 10th track of their debut album "Edenflow" through Prophecy Productions, i presume): so gloomy and so lively rocking at the same time, so energetically underground and so disillusioned, so dark and so groovy, menacing sinister but also opened up  for many refreshing riffs.  Current  inspirations blossom on  classical roots. Nostalgic but forward-looking. Though In Blackest Velvet's  music is really deep and advanced, it  tempts immediately , all  songs of InSuiSight are very addictive and seductive without loosing an ounce in strength, Bastard Show in first row.  All songs are new, never released before. Though there are so many differences between the Swiss Darkmoon and In Blackest Velvet they have in common the same magnetic catch. It is sufficient to listen to them just only one time in order to never forget them. 


Addictive InSuiSight: this is stuff  you can "use" and abuse  a lot and a lot.  After a -couple- of - years break, the band delivers this killing insidious second work (preceded just by  a warm-up  3-song demo in 2004)  with incredible  belief in their capacities, and they are fully right cause they seem to live a fierce moment of creativity,  new stuff is in preparation for a next  full length album, that, i hope, can be released soon through an adequate label. A label that , at this point,  could be a happy bunny i think, because In Blackest Velvet are bingo.   



In Blackest Velvet



Versatile in a compact image, "InSuiSight"  (sounds similar to In Suicide, isn't it..or "in sui sight" as introspection?? ) can reach a wide target, from Hardcore listeners to fans of Industrial and Gothic Rock, being  anyway Melodic Death the main pillar for Melodeath maniacs. 

Addictive and insidious "InSuiSight":  six tracks (one  instrumental)  that can be violent, brutal, sorrowful, introspective, depressive or  tonic and energizing, it depends from your mood. The musicianship is skillful and experienced, the rhythmic session is resistless thanks to the great performance of drumming and bass, while the incisive lead overdriven strikes are stabbing though not numerous, cause  the lead is in general accompanying with a dark obscure cutting timbre. We could say that In Blackest Velvet emphasize low  sounds but lead solos are not missed , as well as arpeggios and noninvasive emotional urban-anguished keys. the production too underlines  the gloomy darkened timbre and so much  that, if  in a hi-fi the effect looks gorgeous, in a car stereo  you have to adjust  the volume. This is, maybe, the only  reproach. Ex Night In Gales Christian Müller's mighty brutal and abrasive vocals, opportunely enhanced at times by  varied backings provided by bassist Tobias Bruchmann (Night in Gales),  appear so natural  and go from a certain growling to unsmooth  abyssal yet agreeable shouting. The first track Lamb of Liberty ignites  the CD with implacable almost American heaviness, overdriven short  exploits, obscure impressive double bass . Flames await is superb with a sorrowful anguishing intro  that exploits in a true melodic death where the melody is erupting gloomy doom-y suffered. Suicide Sun is more brutal ,  unites European and American taste,  with a certain blasting/hardcore appeal. Bastard Show is another superb track in which the modern hardcore influences in the hunting rhythm  morph into a driving and pleasant melodic Rock'n Roll  catchy ear-worm refrain , the rhythmic section paves the way for  agonizing strikes of lead, vocals between Christian seems intertwined , the result is varied from growls to almost whispered clear. Whorehouse  is a dynamic, uptempo, roaring Melodeath that rocks a lot. The instrumental  Nothingness is pure urban solitude, where the melody is sorrow:  an excellent bass work prepares a depressive field in which guitars and keys then  intertwine tuneful, estranged and melancholic, a bit alienated. Six tracks that run away quickly letting you just asking for more.


  we are the sons of the suicide sun!

  and we pretend to be the peacefully ones


rating: 8.9/10 


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