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Hi Chris, Micha, Tobias and In Blackest Velvet guys all! How are you doing? It seems that 2005 has been a very intense period for you! There was a gap of four years in your career, but now it seems IBV starts the engine again!

Chris: Yeah, at the moment the things are going fine! We got a new demo out, we have a new drummer and the first gigs after a long break are confirmed.

Tobias: The engine works. We got lots of feedback for “InSuiSight”, lots of great reviews and many interviews, so you’re totally right. We broke in 2005 our own career records hehe...

Micha: Some people may call these four years of public abstinence a gap, we call it accurate preparation for the next full-length album. We had to handle some organizational trouble but used the time to write a whole bunch of new songs. A selection of this material is published on our new MCD “InSuiSight” being a teaser for the next album.


I’m quite happy that I can speak with you right now, cause it is since just few days that In Blackest Velvet’s line up is changed, re-vamped by the presence of a new drummer. So, doing the interview now, we can introduce this new event for the band. Who is Raphael “Raf” Kobold, and what about his experience in Death Metal? Can you present him to our readers? And what about Adriano Ricci? He is still drummer in Night In Gales and his drumming in the new EP InSuiSight for In Blackest Velvet was awesome…

Chris: Adriano just helped us out for “InSuiSight”, and I think he did a very good job. Raf, the new drummer is a very young guy with a lot of power. He played in a few smaller metal bands before.

Micha: To find Raf was a remarkable coincidence because after some failed trials with some other candidates we found an internet announce of him where he was looking for a new band. I answered him, we played some rehearsals and he got the job. Simple as that. His former bands (Absence, Mirrored Mind) used to play a similar style of metal, so it was quite easy to motivate him.


Oh by the way Night In Gales, Tobias, you play also in N.I.G., Adriano Ricci plays in N.I.G. and was indeed drummer for IBV;  these 2 bands are different having each one its image and characteristics, ok, nonetheless it remains a bridge between the 2  acts. Is this possible to play giving the best in 2 or more bands? Isn’t it a kind of “too much work”? How much can the 2 bands share success or problems, influencing one another? Tobias, as bass player, do you feel you get different technique and/or inspiration when being and working with the 2 different line-ups?

Tobias: Of course it is possible. No, these days it’s not getting “too much work”. Both bands have a similar way to work. We don’t rehearse really often. When the time comes nearer to go into a studio or playing shows we have to prepare ourselves beforehand. We nearly all listened to the same stuff, when we started to play in bands. That’s 15 years ago. Each member in the bands has developed for his own. We have different character and tastes of many things, as well some music tastes. We developed as humans and as musicians.

Of course, the atmospheres, song structures and sounds, in short the whole music is different. So, many compromises you have to make *lol*


The latest CD, the EP InSuiSight, is actually kicking ass, and this is confirmed by the many very good critics and comments received. But, at this point, a question comes spontaneously: when a new full length? Was it useful to make this step, to deliver an EP instead than preparing already a new full length? Knowing the musicianship and the optimal quality of the songs, I wonder why IBV haven’t found immediately a new label, I mean… are corporate people deaf, or what?

Chris: Yeah, seemingly, hehe… We’ve recorded a Mini CD consciously in order to apply for a deal. Further more it’s cheaper to record fewer songs. When everything will go as we expect, we’ll release as full length album in 2006. 

Micha: Thanks for the generous words, you’re lookin’ for a new job? What about being our publicity manager ;-) Serious, to release a new CD was obviously necessary just to get into people’s minds back. No one is giving you a record deal after a four year break, so we had to prove our skills again.

Tobias: Hell ya, wow, exactly, but scream it out to the A & R’s. After all the good reviews and feedback we got, we represent ourselves to the labels. I guess we look into further steps for IBV in 2006. With a label you have a lot more options.


Do you have the impression that, among all the cool songs of InSuiSight, still Bastard Show remains the beloved track for your fans? And if yes, why?

Chris: I think every song is on the same quality level. Because of the clean vocals “Bastard Show” differs a little bit with the other songs. But I don’t know if it is the “most wanted” song…

Micha: To get an answer on that question we opened a poll on our website. The winning song is actually Flames Await, but I can’t tell you why. It’s a fan decision.

Tobias: Can I read between your lines that maybe you like “Bastard Show” most of “InSuiSight”?! In my opinion, we’ve recorded total different styles on “InsuiSight” and different tastes of metal, only “Flames Await” and “Whorehouse” are a bit similar.

Bastard Show” is the first IBV song with only deep and clean vocals. Some people told me that song is available to fit on a Gothsampler, har... why not?!  


For me all 6 tracks are very addictive, I cannot get rid of this EP since last summer! So, InSuiSight will land very high charted in my playlist 2005, that will be published in gryphonmetal at the end of December. But I would underline now another track in particular: Lamb of Liberty, the brilliant opener.  What does it mean “bring the lamb in my slaughterhouse and liberty will become a short ecstasy”?

Chris: This Song deals about the readiness to betray freedom for a short moment of fortune. Judas has sold Jesus for a handful of Gold, statesmen gamble with freedom and life of young people to remain in power etc… This sentence is just a synonym for this.


Is it better a slaughterhouse or a powerhouse? And from the moment I imagine the answer, I ask whether you consider In Blackest Velvet (or some members in it) a powerhouse!

Chris: I think regarding the music we’re playing IBV is a slaughterhouse…hehe.

Micha: Odd question, don’t you think?


I bet the following one is no new question at all, anyway cannot help proposing it, HA! Let’s consider the EP title" InSuiSight", I don’t know how good I am in English, anyway when spoken it sounds a bit like In Suicide? The song number 3 is called moreover Suicide Sun.  And again, mixing Latin and English, the EP title may also express Internal Vision in ourselves. How much truth is there in this supposition, and anyway, are the 2 concepts somehow bound together? Is the EP a psychological concept CD, on the whole?

Chris: No, we are not this profound, hehe.  In fact the title is a mix of the words “Suicide”, “Inside” and “Sight”. The songs are dealing with self-destruction of mankind. We take drugs, begin wars and destroy our environment and our society because of misunderstanding the word “Liberality”. We all know about this shit, and no one has the drive to change the things which are going wrong.

Micha: To be honest, the title just sounded good. That’s all. But thanks for the analysis.

Tobias: We’ve created a new word. Search for “InSuiSight” in google you’ll only find IBV articles. That makes the search easy eheh...


Concerning guitars, which are IBV favorite tunings? What do you think about this tuning  (low to high) C, D, C, F, A , D?

Micha: I’m moderately impressed of that question since you’re the first one showing interest in that kind of matter. There’s a story behind our guitar tuning indeed. Our tuning used to be originally the standard minus 2 halftones. As we recorded our debut album “Edenflow” we needed to raise the pitch back to normal.

On “InSuiSight” we decided to get a more powerful guitar sound so we dropped the tuning again by 2 halftones making it C-F-Bb-Eb-G-C. To get a heavy and defined sound with that low tuning I use strings sized 58-44-32-18-14-11 which is a custom set.

The modern Dropped-D or -C tuning can be fun as long as you like to play Metalcore or Nu-Metal. Personally I feel most comfortable with the standard tuning, so I don’t have to change all my scales and fingersets.


Back to InSuiSight, I think that something could have been done better concerning the volume of the sound, anyway  for a next work don’t you consider to work with a producer like Peter Tägtgren, J-F Dagenais, or Waldemar Sorychta, Alex Krull, VO Pulver, just to name few?

Tobias: That’s hard to pay without a big finance background. “InSuiSight” is a self production. The result is much better than expected, so we’re glad.

Micha: If you pay them we’ll surely do.


InSuiSight coverart seems to represent, in a cyber modus, the “right” eye of Ra, an eye as source of fluids (blood tears) almost mechanized...

Tobias: The “InSuiSight” artwork is a fine eye catcher, a modern art one. We wanted to have something which fits to our sound and looks interesting. The whole booklet looks tight.

Chris: As mentioned, we are not this profound… hehe… We just looked for a cool artwork and I think we’ve found it.


In general, I am a big enemy of covers, so I cannot avoid to ask why you have chosen to cover REM’s Losing my Religion, present as sixth track in the full length “In Blackest Velvet”, in that moment of your career.

Micha: Well, that’s your opinion. Many musicians love to play cover songs ‘cause it’s fun. We’ll be adding a new cover song on the next album most likely, but we’re not quite sure about the definitive one. We chose Losing My Religion just because it was very interesting to metalize a classic pop song.


Tours, concerts (especially in Switzerland ;)  ), where and when should we expect dates with In Blackest Velvet? And do you think to play any festival next year? And which are the bands with whom you would like to team up?

Chris: Our aim is to play a lot of gigs in 2006. Where and when depends on the offerings. As regards the bands I would like to play with: there are too many excellent bands…


Do you think that Melodic Death Metal is gaining more and more appreciation in Germany too? Is melodic Death the cradle for much dynamism in Metal? And more in general, in your opinion,  what country is the giant of Metal nowadays? Germany, USA, Canada, Sweden ?

Tobias: I really don’t care so much about any special genre. I only hope that our Melodic Death Metal around IN BLACKEST VELVET will get more ears, the rest comes alone.

For us it’s a cradle. We love the mixture between sweet melodies and the hard and aggressive side.

I can’t answer about giant Metalcountries,... what shall it be?! After my touring experiences it’s sometimes great in the loneliest and darkest edge of the world. To be honest, the Japan tour with Night in Gales was something special in that way. I wanna play in the US, Canada and Sweden, so I can tell u more about.

After my trip this year in Gothenburg, I learnt that music is supported by the goverment and so you know why many music comes from the Scandinavian side. Not only metal music, but all the guitar, rock and modern scene has a higher place in society than here and is really big.

Micha: This reminds me of the question for the best soccer nation of the world. Since there’s no World Cup in metal, we can’t find a winner in that.


Please finish the sentence according with your personal conviction: - money is not everything, but….-

Chris: …to want everything is costliest.

Micha: …without it everything is nothing.

Tobias: ... nessessary.


Rehearsal, practicing, endorsement: please tell us something about what happens behind every day’s curtains of IBV’s camp!!

Micha: A typical day? Get up at 12pm, have a beer, sling out the groupies of the night before, write a song, check the fridge for some food, have a beer, meet your band mates, play some songs and have some beers... some shit like that.


Whom or what do you, guys, worship?

Micha: If you expect answers like Satan or crap like that we have to disappoint you. Being an atheist means that I don’t worship any religious person at all. But I honor people when they reveal fine traits. Or write good songs instead.


Ok, the band In Blackest Velvet was grounded in 1996, ten years after David Lynch’s film “Blue Velvet”….

Micha: I don’t like Lynch movies at all, they’re hard to understand for simple metal heads like us. I prefer Jenna Jameson movies.

Chris: Who is David Lynch???

Tobias: I haven’t seen it so far. But to throw another comment in, I love the Di’Angelino movies and Sylvia Saint as actor.


In your opinion, is Seeing believing or Believing is seeing? (Taking inspiration from the title of one of your song, of course ;)  )

Micha: I feel sick right now…


Do you guys have a favourite composer concerning classical music?

Chris: No, I’m not really in classical music. 

Micha: I’m not into that shit at all. Classical music is gay, take a look at Manowar.

Tobias: My mum loves classical music, really like a groupie, but she hates metal L


If you could give a suggestion and some advice to young underground bands that are beginning to make music, what would you say to them?

Chris: Do more reputable things… hehe.

Micha: A free advise to young bands? Sure. Record a demo, give it to all A&Rs you can find and hope to get a producer who can make you rich and famous. If you don’t want all of that, keep your day job. It’s better paid.

Tobias: If you wanna reach some goals, never put your head into the sand. The music business is a money (monkey-) business. You’ll have to make a lot of compromises at all, but never give up, it’s fun also.   


Last typical gryphonmetal question: The Game. As usual, for the bands we are interviewing for the first time, we propose the Game of the Tower. That infamous bloody high sinister Tower is waiting now for you with 3 bands on its top: The Gathering, Dew-Scented, Children of Bodom. You must kick down two of them, saving only one.

Chris: We will kick COB and The Gathering knowing that Dew Scented would do the same for us…hopefully..hehe.

Micha: I’d vote for keeping The Gathering because they’ve got the cutest singer.

Tobias: More or less, I like them all,... Dew-Scented are the only Germans and friends, I know the guys over years, so I put them on the Tower.


Thank you a lot for this chatting  and for your time! Horns up to InSuiSight! Hope to see you live soon!

Tobias: Horns up and thanks alot for all your support of our band and the good questions. Tell your readers of Gryphonmetal to invest some time in our homepage to listen to our samples and read the reviews. Maybe to find a new great band for the own collection.

On my.space you’ll find us and add us over www.myspace.com/inblackestvelvet

Chris: Thank for this great and interesting Interview!

Micha: I wish all a hypnotic new year.


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