1. At The Gates
2. Grace From Deceas
3. In Silence
  Jessica Russo - Vocals
Vitaliano De Chiara - Drums
Agostino Borrelli - Guitar and vocals
Bruno Di Micco - Keys
Andrea Senese - Bass
Franco De Lillo - Guitar

INSIDE: "I can't scream"      inside       self produced         distributed by
Interview with Agostino Borrelli

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___


I tell you all this in utter sincerity that “Inside” could be the most dangerous band to come out of Italy since Lacuna Coil. I can prove this to you, if you go Inside’s  website and download the same songs I listened to, you would understand.

I’m going to start out by talking about the singer because out of the band she surprised me the most. I looked up profile on the official website and, I know this sounds bad, I looked at her birthday and she was born in 1983. My immediate reaction is, oh God, someone younger than me trying to sing. Then...ha ha! I listen to the songs and my jaw dropped! She’s got a marvelous voice!!! Matter of fact, I would say it is one of the best ones I have heard! Out of the bands I listen to that have a female singer, I’d rate her in my top 3 along with fellow Italian Christina Scabbia and Tarja from Nightwish. However, I’m not sure if she’s the one growling in the songs or not. But when she sings...she sings! She hits all the notes perfectly with vibrato.

Now, the rest of the band.
Heavy as hell. Sifting through all the heaviness that’s involved with the band and to break them down to their core elements. I can tell that every member of the band knows exactly what they are doing as if they were schooled. There are elements within their music that sounds A LOT like Dream Theater especially with the keyboards. Needless to say there’s tons of complex scales when they just jam with themselves without Russo (singer) singing. It’s hard to say who this band sounds like. I would have to say it’s not that it’s original, but as if they took melodic-death-metal and added a lot of progression to it. The closest band I can think of as to comparison is Children Of Bodom only better drumming if you can imagine that!

Out of the three songs I would have to say that it is hard to pick out a favorite. The pre-choruses in “A Grace from Deceas”, is just menacing. Very fast, if they’d play here there would definatly be circle pit. Also in that song you could here a lot of technical bass work and the keyboards carrying the melody and they both do it well.  And you hear Russo’s best singing in this song.

If this band recorded a full length CD, I would buy it in a New York minute, meaning very fast. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone a fan of Children of Bodom, Dream Theater, Lullacry, Nightwish, In Flames...melodic Death metal in general. In short...g-d damn! I’m tempted to fly out to see this band play live they are that good!

rating:  8.6/10 


Matthew Haumschild 
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