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04.10.2004  -  organized by Kick Agency    and gryphonmetal.ch

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Matt - On your website, it points out that the bands formation is of
former members of other bands and such, but how did you all meet?

Agostino - Well,
we knew ourselves before the birth of the band, we were friends and we decided to play together.

The age range in this band is tremendous, has it ever been a
problem? Like losing the gig because one member is too young? I don't know
if that's the case there or not...

Yes, but we tried to solve it. In the band there are workers and students, and often the main problem is the “timetable” compatibility. Unfortunately, as you can see on our website, Jessica has left the band because of these problems. Now there is Franco (the guitarist) on the edge :)  (this is an exclusive for you)

You all have recorded two Cd's both of them only 3 tracks, ever
thought of putting out an actual album? or one Cd with the six tracks on

No, we are working for our first Full Length that will have only 3 or 4 old songs and new tracks.

How did you guys hook up with kick productions?
Well, Kick Production is leaded by Enrico Giannone, one of our best friends and supporters, and his work for us was very important because he has sent our demos around the world.

Just by listening to your music and hearing some of the
influences that go into it, of whom are your actual influences?

As you can  hearing from our demos, we are influenced from many bands of many styles.

In the past, when Jessica  was in the band, our main style was a Power Death Metal, but now we are writing with a different style, harder and faster, but you can ever see the Inside “hand”.

How long does it usually take you guys to write a song?
Well, it depends of the song, of the inspiration, of the “mind”....we can not respond with a number ;)

For example, the song At the Gates was written in a hour, while some other song was written in a few months.


Although, this could be answered on your website, since it's in
Italian I have no idea, have you guys played outside Italy? Where abouts in
Italy do you call home?

Unfortunately we never played outside Italy, but next month we could play in a Metal Festival in Slovenia.....It could will be a lot of  bands like Benediction, Gorgoroth, Entombed end Dismember....But we are waiting for the confirmation.


Do you all have day jobs? If so, what are they?

Yes, everyone excepts me: i'm  a student.

Bruno is a software developer and is the webmaster of our website, Andrea is manager in  a  “social” society and Vitaliano works in a firm.

Do you think the Italian underground is starting to get noticed? And
how and would you rate yourselves amongst the Italian underground?

We think that in Italy there are a lot of very good Metal bands, but Italy is not a Metal Country, and so is very difficult to play.

Whom would you like to work with as in a producer the next time
you enter the studio?

We want the best for us, we believe in our capacity and possibility.

We only hope that we can show this.

What kind of equipment does the band use? Meaning...Gibson "Les
Paul" etc...

There is not enough space to list our equipment. :)

We use Roland and Yamaha keys, Marshall, Mark Bass and Yamaha Amps,  Jackson and Ibanez Guitars,  freetless handicraft bass and Yamaha Drums, etc. etc. etc.

Which sort of topics do you like or would like to portray in
your music?

Sex drugs and rock&roll :) Ahahahaahahah. Well, the main argument of our songs is the abstraction, the philosophy and the history.

Which band would you guys ever want to play or tour with?
We had a dream that will not realize, playing with Death.
Now we would play with Children of Bodom.

When's the next show?

As said before, we hope to play in Slovenia in November.

This will be my final question: this is the famous "Gryphon
Metal" question that we ask of all bands we first interview...we call it
"The Game of the Tower" although the version of this  "Game" varies from
interviewer to interviewer from band to band, it still holds the same
premise. Let's say there is this giant tower about 45 stories tall...at the
top of this tower are the three top bands of the Metal genre, there's 2
problems...at the top, it can only fit two bands, and YOU want to be on the
top, which two of the bands would you throw off...Dream Theater, Children Of
Bodom, or Lacuna Coil?

We would realize our new dream ;) but we are sorry for Lacuna Coil, they are a very good band, and they are Italians.

Thank you all so much, you guys are fucking awesome!  I can blast you guys driving through Downtown Minneapolis!

Thank you GriphonMetal and thanks to all metal guys.

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