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First Avenue Ė Minneapolis Minnesota October 28th 2007





by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___       


Disappointed at the quality of the crowd

             I was quite excited to see Paradise Lost and Nightwish again. The last time I saw Paradise Lost was in 2002 in Phoenix Arizona when they were opening up for Opeth.  In addition, the last time I saw Nightwish was in 2005 at the now defunct club, The Quest, in Minneapolis where Melissa Ferlaak (Visions Of Atlantis vocalist) and Aesma Daeva showed up Lullacry and demonstrated her superior vocal abilities over Nightwishís former singer, Tarja Turunen. Nonetheless I was excited to see how Nightwishís new singer Anette Olzon tackled the old songs.


            I would also like to comment on the crowd. I was very disappointed at the quality of the crowd. It was an all ages show. Which normally isnít a big deal but when I saw kids that were 8 years old and younger there, yes I am serious!, it gets discouraging. And I would say the 95% of the crowd had no idea who Paradise Lost was. I would also say that at least 75% of the crowd were under 21, or at least seemed that way. And because nobody but me and maybe the 10 people I saw there knew who PL were, everyone stood there like flowers during their set.



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Paradise Lost: the heaviest 

sounding guitar i have ever heard.

            PL played a good chunk of their new album during their set. They played, Never For The Damned, Ash & Debris, The Enemy, Requiem, Unreachable, and Fallen Children. In addition to those songs they played Erased, One Second, Say Just  Words, Gray, and two other songs I did not know and the songs Iíve mentioned, they did not play those in order.  Besides the reportage of which songs they played and the crowd not having much of a reaction I thought the band was great! They played brilliantly!  Greg Mackintosh has this awesome stage presence! Long stringy black hair covering up a black/gray beard chugging a left handed custom made guitar, banging away like itís nothing. He looked great! Out of pure 100% honesty Iíll say this: I have seen so many bands, I have heard so many bands, and out of all of them, Greg Mackintosh had the heaviest sounding guitar I have ever heard. Not to be confused with the combination of his guitar and Aaron Aedyís guitar, I was on the side where Mackintosh was playing and his Krank full-stack was right blaring in front of me. I was very impressed! Nick Holmes doesnít sound quite the same live as he does on CD but he still sounded great though. I was surprised to see that Steve Edmondson dyed his hair blond. Overall the band played well, the mix was absolutely perfect past the first song. The first song PL played was The Enemy and Nick Holmes' vocals were dry. Meaning, they didnít have any delay or reverb on them whatsoever. Which I thought was interesting, itís not very often where I get to hear a singer sound that naked without effects.



Nightwish live in Minneapolis 2004 w/Lullacry, Aesma Daeva

Nightwish: she nailed all the old songs perfectly.


            Nightwish played exactly the same set list theyíve had on the whole tour. So I wasnít surprised at what they were playing. I thought it was funny though, hearing Marco singing also without reverb or delay, he too sounded naked during Bye Bye Beautiful. Anette Olzon sounded great! She came out wearing this red plaid corset and mini skirt with odd black leggings, but she looked great though! She was smiling throughout the set and she seemed very glad to be at the venue. I say that because Turunen hated touring the U.S. and because she didnít care it showed with her performance on stage. Although, what I thought was odd about Anette Olzon was her stage presence. It was there, it was good, she commanded the crowd well, but she looked strange dancing on stage to the music. Donít get me wrong, there isnít anything wrong with it, itís not like it was bad or anything, it just look VERY out-dated! It was kind of funny to watch but what I liked about it was, is that it was her style and thatís cool.


            I am happy to report that she nailed all the old songs perfectly. It was as if she was always the singer for Nightwish. Sure, there were a few parts where she could have sang at a higher pitch on certain notes, but other than that I have no complaints. The rest of the band sounded great although the funny part was the fact that the keyboards drowned somewhat in the mix. I could hear them but they werenít prevalent. Marcoís bass was more felt than it was heard and his singing improved during the set. I also noticed that he has lost some weight. I am not used to seeing him wearing t-shirt and jeans. Everything sounded perfect. The cymbal crashes on Whoever Brings The Night along with the guitar playing and Olzonís singing was mixed perfectly! During the chorus of that song, the whole crowd went bonkers! Even more so than in Amaranth! It was as if this song was more popular. Nightwish ended the night with I Wish I Had An Angel, which got the crowd going once again before they exited the stage.



Package: it's very hard to pair up 

Paradise Lost with another band.

            Overall I thought this was an interesting package. Itís very hard to pair up Paradise Lost with another band. Having them paired up with Nightwish wasnít the most unusual pair Iíve ever seen, although the two are similar in some spots, the two bands are completely different. PL is a straight up kind of a band where as Nightwish is much more theatrical. Was it a good show? Absolutely! The only thing I would have changed would have been the reaction to PL. Then it would have been more enjoyable but that wasnít the bands fault at all.



Matthew Haumschild      November 2007





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