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This was the third December in a row that Paradise Lost visit Greece for 2 shows, one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki. This time it wasnít a tour to promote a new album but something like a break or a warm up for the band before their new cd is released early 2005. I canít describe how happy I was when I heard that I was going to see them again (my 3rd time). The previous 2 shows of Paradise Lost in Greece were sold out in full packed venues but this year the venue although crowded enough, it still had room for much more people. I canít forget the 2002 or 2003 gig where I couldnít move because of the too many people! Anyway, thatís not really of much importanceÖ what matters is that they gave another great show once again!


LEAVES' EYES AND ATROCITY        atrocity     leaves'eyes    
Leaves' Eyes live at Earthshaker 2004

As a warm up there were 2 very good bands which consisted from exactly the same members! Leaveís Eyes got on stage first featuring Liv Kristine, ex-singer of Theater of Tragedy and her husband (singer of Atrocity) joined the stage to add second vocals to some songs. Although I hadnít heard any of their material I must admit that I liked them and if it wasnít for Paradise Lost to appear later I would have wanted to hear more from them. They played for about 40 minutes material from their 1st and only album and the crowd gave them its applause. Next was Atrocity, the same members on stage with different clothes, all wearing something like a uniform. All members were wearing a black t-shirt with some leather parts. This time though the music was different and much more brutal from the melodic gothic Leaveís Eyes. Liv Kristine joined the stage on some songs to contribute second vocals to her husband and after 45 minutes they finished their gig with the cover version of Shout.


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PARADISE LOST       paradise lost        
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The time for Paradise Lost had come and the lights went off. The intro of No Celebration was heard and the band kicked in with Nick and Greg having long hair again after so many years. It was a surprise that no one could have imagined and the Ďdraconian timesí-style beard of Nick made many people think of that era and hope that the band has returned to that style. Mouth was next and the crowd is jumping with the rhythm of the riff. True Belief follows and this great selection of songs to start this concert really warmed up everyone. So much is Lost was once again the only tune from the Host album and it sounded heavier than ever before. Then we got Shadowkings with everyone shouting and singing the lyrics and the hit Erased. Up to this point the setlist has been great and while wondering what is next Nick announces a new song. The moment that I was personally waiting for. The song was Close your Eyes and I really canít say if I liked it or not because with just one listen itís hard to judge. The sharp riff in the beginning and the nice bridge and chorus that followed sounded promising and I really want to hear this tune a couple more times if I get the chance. Back to the draconian times era with Hallowed Land and again the venue is collapsing from shouts and screams and with the superb Mystify that comes right after we surely needed a tune to bring the spirits a little bit down. Symbol of Life attempts to calm us down before Forever Failure is performed and Nickís voice is overdubbed by the crowdís singing! Another new song is next and itís Red Shift. I really donít remember much about this one except that it had some strange effects in the voice and some good rhythms. Two blasts from the past, Emberís Fire and As I Die are next with Perfect Mask following. The 3rd and last new song of the night was Grey, a song that someone would call catchy and a classic Paradise Lost song, probably in the SOL vein. One Second closes the first part of the show and the crowd keeps shouting Ďwe want moreí and of course the band comes out again for the encore which consisted of 3 all time classic Paradise Lost songs, Enchantment, Say just Words and Last Time. What a great way to end this successful show although the selection of these show was not a big surprise. A guy from the front row shouted for a song (I donít remember which one) from the bandís first album and Nick was surprised and said they donít even remember how to play those songs. The band played for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the longest gig Iíve seen from them so far. Their stage presence always the same with Greg banging in his left side and Nick giving his best on the microphone. He also said that it was the first gig in 10 years to appear with long hair and to be able to headbang once again. He even did the horn hand sign, something that I had never seen him do before! The new drummer was really good, he played the old songs with no problems at all and his drum parts in the new songs were ok. He is a really cool guy as well! Look forward to seeing them again and of course canít wait for the new album!


1. No Celebration
2. Mouth
3. True Belief
4. So Much Is Lost
5. Shadowkings
6. Erased
7. Close Your Eyes
8. Hallowed Land
9. Mystify
10. Symbol Of Life
11. Forever Failure
12. Red Shift
13. Embers Fire
14. As I Die
15. Perfect Mask
17. One Second
18. Enchantment
19. Say Just Words
20. Last Time


Dimitris Theodoropoulos


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