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Rock City, Uster, Canton Zurich, Switzerland – 04.06.2011




Report and Photos by Dominic Latscha  

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Metal legends never die.

Uster is a city and capital of the district Uster in the Swiss Canton of Zurich with more than 32’000 residents. Usually, Rock music and Metal Fans wouldn’t check out this place, but the Rock City venue is responsible why they visit this place for ages.

There was a great billing with the Swiss Bands Pigskin, Coilcry and War We Lost from Swiss Canton Basel-City and What the Hell. Nothing should go wrong with such kick ass bands and you only had to pay CHF 15.00! That’s a real bargain and even on a Saturday evening!

These were the right reasons for a visit in the Rock City. Other locations must be visited too, even when you have to drive more than one hour.

The doors opened on 8 o’clock PM and the Swiss Band What the Hell from the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen opened with their track “My Relief”. About eight metal heads showed up, but the guys didn’t act insecure and singer Seeli did their best to rock the crowd. The style of What the Hell reminded me a little bit of Pantera and this kind of music is the proof that real metal legends never die. But they are no rip off and I really appreciated their performance.  

Setlist What the Hell


My relief


Self deception


Chopped of hands

You’re the one

Changing seasons



Walk on  


Now, I was really excited. War We Lost from Basel did not play shows for a longer time, because they had to find a bass player. Finally, the found the right person in Pablo and a demo was recorded recently in a studio. It was their first show at the Rock City and the crowd loved their powerful mix between Metalcore, Death Metal combined with a shot of Modern Metal. Singer Stefan Flückiger left the stage several times to get in touch with the front row. Even a new working title called “June” was played for the first time! There was nothing wrong and standing ovations followed.  

Setlist War We Lost


From Nothing



A Million Scars



In Loving Memory  



Coilcry were the next band. Well, they did not play shows in other Swiss areas (except Swiss cantons Aargau, Appenzell-Ausserrhoden, Bern and Zurich). But singer Alex Büche and his band mates made the crowd happy with their music. Now, there were more people in the Rock City, I guess about 20 and they nodded with their heads during the whole show. The Flash Metal music got accepted by the fans and singer Alex encouraged some guys and women from Zurich area to check out Basel again. Despite the fact they did not win the Swiss National Soccer Championship (because the Soccer Club Basel City defeated Soccer Club Zurich).  

Setlist Coilcry


New One

Symbiotic Welfare

Wrapped up Soul

A Star Avoids the Light

Part of the Game

My Girlfriend Is a Jesus freak  



Finally, the headliner Pigskin stepped on the stage on 11:30 PM. This band from Canton of Schwyz is nationwide known in Switzerland and their shows in Germany show strong live performance skills. A great performance was shown, but most fans left the club to hang up outside during this powerful live show. That was not fair at all, because Pigskin convinced the metal heads inside. Personal for me, it was one of their best shows.  

Setlist Pigskin


Order of Domination

153 Divisions

Travel to the Liver

Blood Wave

Return to the Chapel


Incorporeal decline

Before I die

Daisy cutter

Slave of Darkness

The Blood of Kings

The never ending Black  


I’m sure you might be curious about the reason why there weren’t many metal fans. Well, there were several other metal events in the area of Zurich at the same time!


written  by Dominic Latscha  - June 2011

Dominic Latscha is reviewer for since 2010

He is based in Switzerland.



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