cover songs EP


Mongoloid (Devo)
Angel (Massive Attack)
Bullet The Blue Sky (U2)
Messiah (Hellhammer)
Piranha (Exodus)
Mountain Song (Jane's Adiction)
Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (Public Enemy, features rapper Sabotage and DJ Zé Gonzales)


Andreas Kisser - Guitars
Derrick Green - Vocals
Igor Cavalera - Drums
Paulo Jr. - Bass

SEPULTURA: "Revolusongs"   sepultura        sepultribe
Sepultura live in USA 2011 w/Belphegor
Dante XXI
Sepultura live in Milano w/In Flames- Dagoba, 2006


review by Matthew Haumschild
Normally I write concert reviews and what forth, but since this CD is hard to get (unless your in South America) and I am a HUGE Sepultura fan. So without further ado...

I got this CD, first off, going to EBAY and finding a Brazilian CD seller, this guy was selling four of these CD's I suppose (if you go to ebay and look up Sepultura, you'll find 3 people doing the same thing) but the downfall of buying it this way, is the long wait. Brazil and/or South America isn't all that known for speedy mail service. I ordered the CD the night before Christmas, needles to say I got the CD a few days ago (January 13th) I don't know how long you want to wait for yours, but I do know in Europe, Sepultura has a record deal out there and as far as I know, this CD might be in your area more sooner than later.

I ran hope straight from the post office, and just sat there , on my couch, listening to it. The first track "Messiah," sounded very metal, very hard, as a metal band performing cover songs, this was actually brilliant. The song it self was better than average in my opinion, in some ways yelling out "666" in a song is a tad cheesy (unless your Inflames), but I know Sep did not write this song, so I don't fault them.

Another thing I noticed about this CD, was it's sound. Andreas's guitar sounded different. Much different than all previous Sepultura albums. I figured out why.... during the last year or so, Andreas got a new guitar endorsement through Fender. When I first saw that I was like, "What the fuck? FENDER?!?," for all you non-guitar players/pro audio enthusiasts, Fender isn't exactly known for endorsing "Metal" artists. Don' get me wrong thy are solid guitars, they sound great...if you play blues or rock. Andreas also got a new amplifier endorsement. Again for all the guitar player/ pro audio enthusiasts, he used to play Mesa/Boogie amps and cabinates (if you look up this amp company for a list of artists, you'll see alot of metal bands) and he'd mix them with Crate cabinates. Along with his either Fernandes and/or Jackson/Charvel guitar, he had a very distinct sound that you could hear on all the Sepultura albums, even the the old ones with Max on the other guitar, after hearing "Against" you could tell where Sepultura's sound came from.  Andreas now is endorsed by Meteoro Amplifiers. For the record, even though his sound changed, it still sounds great.

"Black Steel in the hour of Chaos".
This song I would never had imagined Sepultura of covering. This song was originally written by Public Enemy. Which I hope everyone knows is VERY old school Rap. In my house, I have a sub woofer ( a speaker that can emit low tones in higher volume)  and listening to this song, in my house, sounded awesome. I loved this track, it's probably my favorite in the whole CD. Sepultura, took old school rap, put "Live" drums on it, Andreas's guitar and made it sound awesome. Derrick sang vocals on this sound on the first verse and the last verse, and I thought he did a marvelous job. During the rap parts of the songs, I guess either Sepultura had a friend or brought in a friend to do the Rap parts in Portuguese. For me this sounded very cool. When I brought this CD into my car and played this song, in a way didn't sound as cool because I couldn't hear the low "bump" in the background. This is a song you either really love or hate.

Never thought I'd EVER see a metal band covering Devo all bands. But shockingly, this is my second favorite track. It sounds very punkish. Sort of like when Megadeth covered "Anarchy in the UK", it sounded more organized. "Mongoloid" had the same vibe to it. More or less every time I hear this song, my head bobs up and down and the song remains in my head. I really like this tune.

In my honest opinion "Mountain Song" and 'Bullet the Blue Sky" sounded the same. They both sound good. don't get me wrong, but I guess I question why Sepultura filmed a video (video clip as they call it across the pond) on "Bullet the Blue sky". To me, this was just an okay track. I thought both tracks were mixed well, and it physically sounded good, but the songs were kinda boring. "Bullet" sounds like something I would hear on their "Against" album. I suppose it went along with what Derrick was doing with his vocals on that album. It is something you have to check out for yourself, because there are alot of people who disagree with me on that aspect of the song being kinda boring. I must emphasize that, even though I thought they were kinda boring, the songs sounded good and well done.

This was the "Exodus" cover, and this is a perfect example of what METAL is. True in all forms. This song was very well done, I thought it was great. I can't see anyone who's into metal, not liking this song. It was seeing Sepultura going back to their "Arise" album and kicking everyone's ass in the process. It was that good. The most "Metal" sounding track on the whole CD. The drums sounded great as usual, Igor (being my favorite drummer) played this song flawless. Andreas's solos sounded exact and Paulo's bass blended in nicely adding the heaviness needed. Derrick's vocals were very good as usual.

The surprise, no one told anyone...the eighth track not listed on the website.
It was to my surprise that they put this on. In the beginning of the eighth track, is the intro to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" , than the drums come in, but it sounds all screwed up. Then they stop and then they go into "Fight fire with fire" and it sounded MINT!!! It's a shame they didn't put this classic on this CD. It almost sounded better than the original from the little snip bit I heard.

This CD I highy suggest getting. I had to get this CD right away. This will mark my 33rd Sepultura CD. Needless to say I am a Sepultura collector and this made a fine edition. Rather if you want to wait until it comes out in Europe or order it from Ebay. This CD I highly recommend.

Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild  
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