Mika T.  vocals

Janne   drums

Matti R.  bass, keys, programming

Kalle P.   guitars

additional mucisians:
Daniel Freyberg: guitar
Maria Nurminen: keyboards
Robert Blomerus: piano (pieces)

SHAMRAIN: "Pieces"       shamrain

ShamRain's debut album is planned to be released 11/2003 through Watch Me Fall - Records. 


Goodbye to All That
Interview with Matti R. 2004
Empty World Excursion
Someplace Else
Interview with Matti R. 2003

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo_____


If you're a dark soul,

you will love this band.


In November will be out the first full length of this band..and i'm sure they'll get success!!!
Their style is very far from classic Finland goth bands, their atmospheres are nearer to "THE CURE" in particular their romantic sadness remind me to "Trust" Cure-song included in "Wish".
The presence of MIKA, Entwine's singer gives the magic touch to this band.Mika uses the low tones of his voice, and i notice his ability to give a very magic to involve into the melancholic melodies played with a unique intensity!!!

The musicians get good tecnique and good taste...and i have to underline the very good arrangments and an excellent production!
Matti R. is a very good player...he's able to create a very decaing atmosphere with  his keyboards, while guitars never become hard: on the contrary Kalle plays with romantic arpeggio and the rare distorsion (used only in some parts) is very soft.  This cd is very far from hard, gothic metal ecc..
Here there's only dark and decaing atmospheres, so if you're a dark soul you'll love this band...I'M SURE!!!!
Try to listen "Nothing" seems a travel into the darkness, "Fail" gets a melodic sad refrain, "Funeral" is another masterpiece of romanticism&sadness, "Pieces" is a romantic song in which Mika gives the best of himself.
The full-lengtrh will be out in november, but This MCD is out from 2002...and it's a real jewel !!!!
Salvo Russo      09/07/2003

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