SHAMRAIN  :  Interview with  Matti Reinola
07.07.2003 -  

e-mail interview 

by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo__ 

organized by Mr. Matti Reinola  and Salvo Russo




Interview with Matti R. 2004
Someplace Else
Empty World Excursion



1) Hy Matti!!! it's a pleasure for GryphonMetal to present SHAMRAIN another
talentuous Finnish band....can you explain this project?

Ok, i have had a vision of a band that would play slow atmospheric stuff
since 1996 or so. So I started writing songs,
and we made some recordings with my friend Mikko S. in 97. We even had a
full line-up for a while. Eventually it appeared,
that others didn't share my passion towards this kind of music, so the whole
project just faded away. In year 2000,
during a studio session of my other band Grayscale, it came up, that our
drummer Janne was interested in playing slower stuff too.
We decided to form a new band, and made some songs with only the 2 of us in
the band. Since I was the main song writer, it
felt for me as it was just continuum for my old project.

We started to record a demo, and ended up using a couple of our friends as
session musicians. Then we still needed a singer,
and Janne suggested we ask Mika, who we knew was able to complete our songs
with his voice. Mika liked our songs, and became
a part of the band. In november 2002 Kalle joined the band as guitarist, and
that's the line-up now.

2)The sound is very different from other famous Finland goth bands...SHAMRAIN sounds very far from Entwine Him To Die For....your music is very original...sometimes it reminds me some THE CURE atmospheres...is it true?...i notice a very sad atmosphere....

Yes, the Cure has been a great inspirer for me. It was also clear for me
from the very start, that this music is going to be very sad.
That's the kind of music I've always enjoyed the most. Sure we differ from
those bands you mentioned. We have barely any distorted
guitars, and our music is slower, not so main stream stuff i guess.

3)We're waiting for your next..at the moment is available only a MCD...may
you tell me somenthing about your next cd?

There'll be 8-9 songs, 3 songs from 'Pieces' and 5-6 new ones. Pieces was
never in proper distribution, so that's why we want to
include some of those songs in the album aswell. We recorded a demo of 9 new
songs during the spring, but some of those are just
too different to be included in the album. I hope we can anyhow release
those songs in some form too...The album is going to have
a very sad atmosphere, and it should be out in november through Watch Me
Fall - Records.

4)...In SHAMRAIN there's somenthing familiar to all ENTWINE FANS... is it true?

Yes, Mika also sings in Entwine. We have had some comparisons to Entwine
already, even though I think our music differs quite a lot from Entwines.

5)Let's talk about technical aspects.I have to underline the very good
production of your MCD ...you've created a very good sound in the studio and also good arrangments, in your opinion how much is important to take these elements into consideration?

Thank you, even though I would probably mix the Pieces a little bit
differently now, even though the overall sound is OK, thanks to Roope,
who mixed it. Of course the sounds are very important part of creating an
atmosphere, especially in this kind of music.
The sounds on our debut album will be softer than on Pieces, and maybe not
that clear. New demo song, Drifter, that is
downloadable at our site, probably gives a little clue about the way we're

6)What are SHAMRAIN's songs inspirations?

Well, I have to say The Cure is the reason I got into this kind of music,
and I think they are still a big inspirator. I basicly
take influences from all the music I listen, movies, nature, people. I guess
everything that happens around me inspires me. Melodies
play in my head all the time...

Kalle has also written a couple of songs for ShamRain, and if I have
understood him right, hangover is a great inspirer for him.
And it works for me too.

7)What do you think about Finland goth scene? Which bands do you appreciate?

From goth bands I like a band called 'Varjo'. They sing in finnish and have
done some pretty good songs over the years. Especially their
early production is great. This Empty Flow was also great, but it broke up
years ago. I'm not really sure if there is a goth scene in
Finland. Or at least I don't want any part of it. There are just too many
similar bands that don't have anything own in their sound.
Most of the so called goth bands of this time are also more metal than goth
to me.

8)Let's talk about your other band...GRAYSCALE...how's goin'on with them?

We have been recording a demo of songs to form our 2nd album, that's about
it. Grayscale's sound seems to be changing a little bit, into heavier and
probably more spacy-direction.

9)Let's talk about the lyrics ...what are your favourite themes?

They must be losing something/someone/yourself and dying. At least those
seem to be the main themes on the debut album. Not the most
original ones, but I like them. New lyrics are maybe more mystic, and leave
more space for listeners own interpretations.

10)Who will care about the distribuition of your cd?

At least Masterpiece Distribution. Hopefully the album gets licenced all
over the world.

11)As last question i propose you our usual and typical Gryphonmetal last
question..... i call this question 'The game of the Tower' ,..... so for you Matti, there
is a very high tower, and on the tower three bands are waiting for you and you have to push down
two of them to let them fall, saving the third one:
for you there are:


This is an easy choise for me, The Cure gets to stay. I used to like both Type
and HIM yearsback too, but I'm not really into their music
anymore. I actually read a book about HIM, 'Synnin viemää', yesterday and
that's really entertaining stuff. Much more interesting than their
music nowadays.



3 songs to download at Shamrain's website



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