1. Statues
2. Fail
3. Pieces   
4. Drifter   
5. Withdraw   
6. Sound asleep

7. Into Distance
8. Funeral
9. Dispensable

Mika T.  vocals
Janne   drums
Matti R.  bass, keys, programming
Kalle P.   guitars


SHAM RAIN: "Empty World Excursion"   shamrain                 Watch Me Fall - Records

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  

…”Am I living among the dead in this world people seem like ghosts in their false paradise useless faceless statues staring in distance staring and waiting”………These words begins this dream into the darkness, where every note played is able to let us bury into a decaying and romantic atmosphere! Close your eyes…and let you be carried by this ethereal atmosphere...A cold romanticism full of intensity where the music is supported by the unique voice of Mika Tauriainen that is able to sing with perfect intensity!!!! Metal is far from this cd…and I think that the purity of this cd don’t need a definition…..A dream is just a dream!

Every song is a poetry in music…Try to listen “Drifter” and you can understand what I say! A romantic poetry sung with an unique intensity…and played from the bottom of the heart!!! There are no words to describe a song like “Into distance” ….the sad atmosphere could be loved from all those who appreciated the best Anathema performances….The gothic touch is mixed with a romantic taste and the love for THE CURE!!!

I had the pleasure to listen and I made a review of their demo recorded during 2002, and in this album you find those song re-recorded at FINNVOX Studios in the best possible way…”Funeral” is the pure romantic sadness in music…where the soul joins the senses...”Dispensable” that close the album is another dark travel…where The Cure meets Anathema…Mika is one of the best romantic singer I ever heard!!! His delicate voice is able to touch the soul. His voice gets medium and high tones and his ethereal timbre is the magic touch…

The single “Withdraw” is the song that remind me of Entwine ..but only concerning the melody and the structure, of course the sound is different…A beautiful decaying song…such as “Fail” that represent another sad composition with a classic structure.

In my opinion  This album should have needed other songs like these…These are the only two songs that keep a different timing, and gets a typical gothic refrain… “Sound asleep” has been composed and arranged with the support of suggestive chorus, flute, that create an old fashion into a darkness composition that gets a depressive sad refrain.

What can I say more? The production at Finnvox Studios is perfect, such as the arrangements…Guitar arpeggio sound are very similar to THE CURE and Matti’s keyboard are simply but perfect such as the rhythmic session sound! This is their first album and if they’ll go on in this way  you’ll hear of them for a long time!

If you’re a sensitive, passionate, deep person…you’ll love this album like a precious jewel presented by the person you love…  

Rating: 9.5/10  

Salvo  Russo    12.01.2004
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