22 May -  at Sak Burghof - LÖRRACH  - Germany









GryphonMetal presents the next edition: VIII METAL FORCES

 review by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo and Boris "Azrael" Witta 

- all pics © by Stefan "Absolut_Evidence" Vogelaar

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dalia - This evening the Metal event in Lörrach organized by Daniele Milizia and the Metal Forces team will celebrate  its seventh edition , whose bill is headlined by Disillusion. Next edition, who will take place in  January 2005, will see the cult Tankard at the helm, and i already look forward to it, but i am more than sure that this seventh edition will be however unforgettable , not only for the very good quality of the bands, but also because it will be the last time that the Metal Forces will take place at the  Sak Burghof, seat of many metal meetings of the South German, North Swiss area. Therefore the Metal Forces VIII will be administered in a wider venue, this is simply right cool for an event that is growing and gathering more and more "aficionados", but this evening will be Sak Burghof again with its genuine and typical hospitality. This is the third edition that GryphonMetal faithfully follows and reports the event with enthusiasm: today our zine is represented by Stefan , Boris and me. We will have a blast, and we will share it with you all, cause this festival knows how to mix "underground and inked" , knows how to be even more merciless than the No Mercy, and knows how to interpret  the authentic Metal Spirit. Hail to Metal Forces and to all  metalheads present here today, hail  to The Reaper Comes  corner, hail to Daniele, the soul and motor of the event. May the Force be with us, again!!! \m/


DEAMOGORGON    www.deamogorgon.com 
dalia - 20:20 The very young members of the German Deamogorgon from Weil am Rhein are on the stage. The crowd is really good- mooded, i must say, everybody looks forward to hard pitiless sound. We are on the starting straight. But sound must still be controlled and refined, so it begins a test for every instrument, due also to the fact that the general sound check for the bands has begun a bit late this afternoon. practically 10 minutes of preparation for Deamogorgon in front of the audience before everything is ready for the official start. Finally they open the dances with an electro-spoken intro listenable  as  background sound if you visit their site. And then is Melodic Death/Thrash with tempo changes from a cadenced Melodic Thrash with lead solos, to angrier attacks. As first thing you notice that though young, these lads and lady play well with a surprising good level of technicality. Frontwoman Babs can pass from dirty tones to screams with a kind of male resolution, sign that women can really have the say in the very extreme music. She has a good way to interface, though not very interactive, very far from being jovial (even not suitable for this genre) she is self-confident calm, already a bit charismatic with a voice that doesn't forgive. Music is quite interesting, favorable for headbanging, sometimes even hypnotic with some Hypocrisy tones (guess why), generally supported by a strong rhythmic. Their drumming is potent and surely one of their pillars.  Sak Burghof's floor slowly but inexorably begins to shake. Slightly these young guys pump up the atmosphere of the venue: first headbangings happen soon. I may say that it is a good satisfaction for an opener in an evening where 4 bands will perform. Guitarist Marco and bassist Olli still have the look of diligent schoolboys, but they know how to make a weapon from a guitar. Their mobility and fluidity of movements must still be improved , but they have all the  time in front of them. Just think about what they can become just in a couple of years having already underground experience.  My impression is positive and the audience has been very appreciative. "Danke schön! take a look at www.deamogorgon.com" tells Babs to the audience at the end of the show. The word "Zugabe" is also shouted by a couple of fans. Indeed the crowd would gladly listen to a song or two more, but the schedule must have iron rules. Deamogorgon have been indeed a good start for the Metal Forces. No doubt.


Innocent angel

Piece of Nation

Murder case Youth

Roswell 47


On the Edge of Dark

Metal Heart 

Break out 



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BY BRUTE FORCE    www.bybruteforce.de
dalia - Ohh by the way charismatic. This afternoon, much before the concert- start, i spoke with Simon, leader and frontman of By Brute Force. His "rasputin-ic" personality didn't pass unnotived, and still i didn't imagine how proper the moniker  was. He told me that the band , composed by members that have already a good experience in playing since some years, is born as such with this line up only just a couple of years ago. Simon, Aldo ; Gasmask and Kai are very engaged to put together their attitudes so much that they have already produced a demo and around the autumn-winter a full length will be prepared. They are from Cologne and have played with  numerous remarkable bands among which we can mention the future headliners of January: Tankard. This is Simon's message for his fans and for the fans of Death and Metal in general:

And now i'm very curious to see By Brute Force in action, i'm still totally unaware that through this band we would have given a spray of merciless pitiless, relentless, blasting, violent, smashing live experience, thing after all not so usual, that even more famous shows, depicted as Satan personified, can actually only dream of.
Simone and mates take the stage when the most of the crowd is still amusing with cola and beer. A sacral church obscure intro re-sounds in the darkness. By Brute Force wait for their  "victims" . The attention is quickly awake: the pit is crowded. We expect an Old School US Death in the wake of Deicide. but Gosh! By Brute Force live literally open the jaws of hell: old school blasting pulverizing Death, much more European than American, imo,  is taking us like an hurricane. The first track proposed, Provocation of Christ, has indeed some of US characteristics but the following tracks impact with that kind of phrases that appeal to us, inviting to headbanging on the wave of a subtle musical path, and this is the trap: cause the songs are  blasting and  ferocious but you are easily caught in this whirlpool of destruction. The tempo changes are fluency and make no prisoners: aggression , fury and brutal riffs fascinate you and you cannot escape: banging on this music seems easy but it soon turns out in a real test of resistance, a test that only the Braves can stand. And while the ferine sound makes our body vibrate and makes our veins bleed, many are simply mesmerized , while a group of excellent disciples bang their head like demons all concert long, in a way that the expression " oh my neck aches!!" is simply fossil history.  No -stop energy,  violence brought with a good package of musical chords and advanced technique. Rasputin Simone (allow me to call him this way!!) is tireless with his strong energetic vocals that span from an almost barking/brachial growl to shouting. By Brute Force drummer is then able to shake the stones. the band  has a good mobility, and all members know how to dominate the mayhem and to calibrate their forces. Reborn in Storm  is announced with the same brute determination with  which is played. The following track (Munera Romanum) shows a good melodic line, therefore we go on to be happy to be tortured.
The attacks are never predictable but everything is good structured so that you pass from a fast headbanging to a faster one, with short moments of slowing down's, just to permit you to take the breath and to enjoy more the refrain's. We pass from Suicide Bomber to Anno Demoni with the firm conviction that By Brute Force are tremendous killers. A blond long haired thin guy belongs to a group of formidable bangers in which also our Boris is included, and he, in particular, has still not lost a single shot: Udo, this is his name, is proclaimed by me the best banger of the evening. He is impressing me as well as the band is doing. The gig of By Brute Force ends with a wall of crunchy sound and a terror of drumming and drilling solos. 

dalia di giacomo



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113_1308.jpg (36593 Byte)  

Let's now call on Boris!

ABADDON     www.abaddon.de 
Boris - Now it’s time for my personal favourites of the evening: The symphonic Blacker Abaddon. A short intro, and the show starts. It’s fantastic to look on the stage, because six persons are standing and banging. Also very good looks the female singer of the band, Diana, 

who has a superb and warm voice and with her appearance, she bewitches not only the first rows… But back to the music. The male vocalist, Markus, sings in the typical way of Black Metal, in a high, hysteric and croaking voice. During the second song, only 6/7 of the band is left. Why? Sad but true: During the first song, a string from one guitar breaks and needs to be repaired. But after the second song, Abaddon are again complete. The Keyboards are never too loud or cheesy, the always fit very well to the passage of the song, and also most of the people think the same way, because the atmosphere is just fantastic. “Lörrach, you are great!” screams Markus. I can only give the compliment back! At the beginning of the song “Der Teufel…”, Markus wears an indeed very ugly mask, which looks more funny than evil. The sound of Abaddon contains a lot of atmospheric, sometimes also acoustic moment, and some seconds later pure blasting, full of aggression. By the way, it gets hotter and hotter, sweat drops from the wall. The best thing is when Markus and Diana sing in duet, in these moments, every black heart couldn’t feel better. That’s the way symphonic melodic Black Metal has to sound! Abaddon continue, and of course they have to play an extra song, because the crowd doesn’t want to let them go. This was the best hour of symphonic Black Metal I heard for a long time. Hail Abaddon!

Setlist Abaddon

Revelation Of The Night Templars

Ave, Ave Abaddon

De Occulta Philosophia

Der Teufel…

Uncertainty Principle


An Egyptian Mystery

Dein Sancta Sactorum

Save My Soul



113_1312.jpg (34859 Byte)  113_1316.jpg (60262 Byte)  113_1317.jpg (29252 Byte)  113_1319.jpg (23262 Byte)  






DISILLUSION    www.disillusion.de 


Boris - The question is now: Can Disillusion stand or even top this atmosphere? Of course they can! The band contains of three members: Rajk (who looks a bit like Keanu Reeves, only with long hair) on the guitar, Vurtox as singer and guitarist –by the way, he’s bare-footed - and drummer Jens. And what can I say? Disillusion is absolutely the best progressive melodic Death Metal Band from good old Germany at the moment. The musicians don’t only play their music, they enjoy every second, the really live their music, and they’re drowned in their passion. Vurtox has most of the time a little, content smile in the face, with closed eyes, he moves to the music. The applause couldn’t be bigger. After the intro, when the first song “Back To Times Of Splendor” starts, the people already begin to cheer. It doesn’t matter that there isn’t any bassman, the sound is tight, well-balanced and just optimal. If I had to take a band and compare it with Disillusion, I would choose Opeth. There are lots of beautiful, filigree, soft and melancholic parts, but also brutal Death Metal part, and Vurtox changes between growling and clean vocals. During the gig, he has his bind together hair in a very special way.

After 45 minutes, which past like nothing, Vurtox already announces the last song, because the are only allowed to play until midnight, and it’s already 00.13 o’clock. Again, like the other songs (one is 14 minutes, another more than 17 minutes long), it’s a little epos, with dreamy parts but also harsh Death Metal. Of course also Disillusion play an extra-song after some minutes of waiting, and now also Vurtox has opened his hair and bangs enthusiastic. Then, it seems to be over, Disillusion leave the stage, the outro comes, and some people leave. But most of the crowd is still screaming, shouting and clapping the hands, makes really noise, and then… the band re-enters the stage. With a smile, Vurtox say: “Alright, we have another one for you!” and the celebration continues. But then, it’s over, how fast passed this gig. Disillusion are different. Disillusion need to be discovered. And they are very, very impressive. The perfect end of an incredible evening. Thanks and hails to Daniele, and see you again on the next Metal Forces!


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113_1347.jpg (58345 Byte)  113_1357.jpg (27934 Byte)  113_1362.jpg (46474 Byte)


22.01.2005 ( Samstag) - SAK Wasserwerk, Tumringerstr. 271 - LÖRRACH



( THRASH Metal aus Frankfurt)  

Jesus Chrysler Superskunk( Stoner-Thrash Metal aus Lörrach-Rheinfelden) 

Tremors ( Mel. Death Metal aus Singen)

Davidian       ( Aggressive Thrash Metal aus Lorch)

Dawn of Disease ( Death Metal aus Osnabrück) 

Ticket Preis 12 € in VVK-AK: 15 €

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