at Little Creek Studio  - Gelterkinden - Baselland (CH) 

Producer- and Engineering-Team V.O. Pulver und Frank Winkelmann



Darkmoon live Deathwish 2005
Darkmoon live Gryphonparty II
Darkmoon live Deathwish 2004
Darkmoon live MetalForces VI
Black Domain




"Of Bitterness and Hate". This is the title of the upcoming and first full length album composed by  the Melodic Death/Black band Darkmoon from Basel (Music by Darkmoon, lyrics by Matthias Borer). It's with great pleasure that i accept the kind invite to visit them at the recording and mastering studio  Little Creek during one of the last days of work when the final mixing is in full gear. Darkmoon are able to combine Black criteria with damned catchy ,very fluid and marking melodies in Death:  a trademark or, better said, an unmistakable  brand present in  each of their songs. They are sinister, at times underground harsh ,  at times very elegant and passionate. This is what i call temperament. From England to Italy i have never found a person that, checking out  Darkmoon, has not said: "damn this band is cool. they grow up quickly in me! ", hence  let's see what Darkmoon are preparing now for their fans .

I reach the Little Creek Studio while it's snowing a bit. But who cares, i'm over the moon is the case to say. 
The studio is located in Gelterkinden, a  calm Swiss village located at 404 m in the valley Ergolz,  among wooded hills . Actually the studio in itself is really little , so making full honour to its name, focused on two rooms (the proper studio/recording room and the mixing/control  one): but what counts it's not the quantity, it's the quality. Here quality is a guarantee under the  excellent ability of V.O. Pulver and Frankie Winkelmann, the producer and engineering Team. many of you  know V.O. Pulver and Frankie Winkelmann from the band Gurd. And  here, in this studio, Destruction recorded their album Metal Discharge. All five members are there in best mood, evidently enough relaxed now that the new CD is taking shape. But also attentive to the last touch, to the last mixing. There is an invisible veil of suspense, of emotional tension. 

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V.O. Pulver and Frank are absolutely busy at the mixing desk. Actually no much time for speaking with both of them, but it is very nice to talk with  all members of Darkmoon and in particular  with singer Matthias.

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 Well, when you land on such a delicate moment in a studio you feel like  a stranger , an  alien:  the famous eager journo, the intruder (no matter if you're invited) and i think it couldn't be otherwise. But fortunately engineers and band are exquisite and very patient, also aware of the curiosity and the  excitement  about the creation of this album, much awaited in the Swiss  underground scene.  Becoming more confident and "unafraid" of the many devices, my  attention is attracted by the 32 channel - mixing console. Faders, potentiometers, monitoring , amplitudes remind me of the laboratories of physics i saw when i was studying. I'm mesmerized while ears are attracted by the various tracks, that impacts so different in a studio, almost vivisected. "The Beast"  is the first song i listen to. A song with true infernal flair.  < "The Beast is one of the fastest and more brutal songs included in the album" >, tells me Matthias, adding that the new CD will deliver 10 songs. <"The Beast will be placed in the "middle" of the tracklist">. This demonic song  is monitored , the channels are pulsing, yes it is powerful, it is fast an ablaze Black, made accessible by the ever present addictive hook lines, it is haunting, it is lively it's fierce, breathtaking, evil , with a fitful breakdown. It's time then for "Dust in my Eyes", a morbid mid tempo , this will remain one of my fav Darkmoon song, i'm sure. Morbid, yes Darkmoon are a bit morbid isn't it? Dust in my Eyes. Dust. Dust. I like this idea, this picture. Dust. Even because Darkmoon's sound draws in my mound images of the East, Russia and Central Asia, i don't know why , maybe i feel a kind of balalaika appeal in their songs. But the Dust of the wide savage spaces suddenly is morphing into rotten rust of our old industries, of our sad contemporaneousness. Darkmoon are full of inexhaustible resources : the tracks Lost Soul and Bitter End are striking. <"The CD closes with Evil Goddess of the Night an old song of ours. Drowning and On her Grave are  present too" . "Ah and concerning guitars..? - i ask - " Christian's solos will be more underlined - is the prompt answer. Between new stuff and older one, this "of Bitterness and Hate" seems to become a real  killer.   I only hope that the bass dynamics will be well calibrated in order to enhance the adhesion  among the instruments. Important, in my opinion is that Matthias roaring growls can be put in the proper result . Matthias voice is mighty and recognizable among hundred, . therefore i think it's very important the insertion of vocal tones in comparison with drums and guitars. In which way we make all songs so groovy. these are the last questions. None of my business fortunately, but whatever it will  be, "..of bitterness and hate " will reveal itself as  an accurate motherfucker production made in one of the best professional ways. And if better if maintains a bit of that  typical roughness and abrasiveness . I think that many metallers are slowly  getting bored of the too perfect, glamorous and polished products. While talking you don't even notice that time flies quickly. Matthias and Chris don't hide a certain veiled apprehension, Darkmoon have put their dedication in this album and, though  it doesn't seem, Matthias and Chris are very sensible. Gianrichy is more a philosopher, easy going. Pascal and Hubi the more relaxed and smiling. 

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Twilight is falling in this winterly afternoon.  i still ask about the presentation of the cd, cover art and so on. i only know the promotional photos made by Stefan. "hehhe -   Matthias says - there are  ideas- showing me some printed papers where yellow-green colours are reigning- we will see... we will see". while leaving the studio, we make a short stop in the recording room.< That one is the microphone - tells me  a thoughtful Matthias, with slightly contemplative expression on his face- "it was used by Schmier too">. I  can imagine what Matthias is feeling. 

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all photos by Stefan W. Vogelaar

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of bitterness and hate


of bitterness and hate (intro)

the cell


the fallen one

dust in my eyes


the beast

bitter end

lost soul

on her grave

evil goddess of the night



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