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Goatreich - Fleshcult
Lucifer Incestus



Speaking  about the upcoming tour, the new drummer Nefastus, sound and lights during a concert, crossing Europe, setlist highlights !!,  Arkhon Infaustus, projects, merchandise, Up from the Ground Festival, comparisons between Goatreich-Fleshcult and Lucifer Incestus, Sepulture of Hypocrisy, the Pope(s) and the bloody game of the Tower!





dalia : Ave Helmuth! It's a great thing to have the possibility to interview you right now that the brilliant Goatreich-Fleshcult has been recently released and that the related European tour will start in few days:  on 14th April in Schweinfurt, Germany.

Helmuth, do you think that the new material will impact well and that it can add a blast more to Belphegor's concerts?


Helmuth: Hey dalia, you're welcome. Yeah, our GOATREICH - FLESHCULT headliner - tour will begin in some days, 18 convents through Europe, which also will lead us through Switzerland.




Which are Belphegor's expectations concerning this tour, if compared with the experience done with the tour of last year?


This time we are again headliner, have better conditions and a longer setlist at a good time, i think it'll be again a very interesting journey, in which we will meet a lots of friends and new dedicated maniacs.




New drummer. Nefastus. Nefastus is the new blast machine behind Belphegor's skins. How does he prepare himself for this event? And, in general, which is the technical preparation of Belphegor for this upcoming Tour in order to present the full maturity of the new album and its  underground enthusiasm also? Is there a new live approach in singing and playing for you Helmuth?


So what, we are just metal-fans who play/hail this music for years now, hard guitar music is a fukkin pleasure, a real pleasure.

U know, I could ´nt imagine a life without music/guitar.

Yeah, NEFASTUS has a very unique style that brings a lot to the band,....and he is the reason why we are able to pursue our target with album # 6 and are able to go another step forward concerning dynamic and brutality.

He already accompanied us in December 04, on the X mass festivals, 15 dates through Europe w/ Vader, Marduk, Napalm Death a.o and blasted everything to the ground.

To put it short, he´s the right man for BELPHEGOR and fits humanly perfect to us.




How much importance do you give to the lights and sound quality during your concerts?


A good PA that guaranties a transparent sound of course is a hammer and also different from hall to hall.

And yes, by now its more important for us to guarantee the people that come to our show and support us a good show with fat light (if possible) and a good sophisticated sound.
Of course it's always difficult to make the speed perfectly soundable, cause our songs are very fast.




 The Goatreich-Fleshcult Tour will start in Schweinfurt and will open the gate of Hell in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, France, Holland, Italy, passing for Switzerland too! (of course GM will be there at C4 in Islikon reporting this super event of Black Metal!). I notice that you  play gladly in Italy too. Which are your impressions you gathered in your career about the Italian and Swiss audience?


Yeah, yeah right, Dalia let me tell you, its an honour for BELPHEGOR to cross Europe again, we are very excited how the people will take the new tracks in a live situation,  i think the new songs will kill live.

We are really hot to finally rise the stages and to perform the new material.

I´m sure that we´ll have a good time there, Switzerland and Italy is always something very special for BELPHEGOR.




Setlist. Have you already prepared the setlist for this Tour? if yes, can you reveal some of the new highlights? Will there any difference in the setlist along the tour?  Which songs from the previous albums will be surely presented?


The focal point is set on the last two albums of course, we play from the actual GOATREICH - FLESHCULT album





SWARM OF RATS and a special short Blast-Version from FESTUM ASINORUM.
For the first time we will also fetch some samples, like church bells and choires in 3 or 4 songs,...i think that this will be very brute and increases the intensity / atmosphere of the actual songs.




Of course a question is dedicated to the bands supporters and Arkhon Infaustus in particular. I think that all the bands together will propose a concert without compromises, isn’t it? And what do you expect, Helmuth,  from Arkhon Infaustus? Do you presume they will present a a new look in relation with their new Perdition Insanabilis?


We will see, the bands have been chosen/invited by us and i think its a good package for friends of non commercial hard music.

Well, in April  we'll drive again thousands of kilometres through Europe in the sign of  the blastbeat.  

18 convents along with Arkhon Infaustus, In Aeternum and some local troops going to share the stages w/ us.

2005 is year of non stop touring, we want to march in all countries/continents in which we have not played till now. And we are very excited how the demons will take the new tracks in a live situation.

 U know, we dont have any stage requisits anymore, it would only deflect from the music and we dont want that.




Merchandise. Please tell us what we will find. Anything new, anything particular?


Next to the usual stuff we'll have new tour t-shirts and longsleeves with a cool design from the GOATREICH - FLESHCULT album.




 In August Belphegor will play a festival that i consider very, very, very interesting: the "Up from the Ground"... it seems to be an homogenous and sincere festival...


Yes, the festival season begins, the team from the UP FROM THE GROUND festival guarantees us a nice playground on friday, with fair conditions and we will have 45 minutes, we'll drum our absolute highlights into the hellpit,...its an exclusive German show.




Sepulture of Hypocrisy”: the title of a very good song of Goatreich-Fleshcult and a title that makes us think.


So what? um,...it was our goal to ban our hardest and tightest album on CD and i think we made that.

Hell yeah, we tried a few new things, trying to take our sound a bit further each time, musicwise we gave our best, like always.

Well, u know we are very ambitious, make the music for ourselves, if the ppl like it thats great.

LUCIFER INCESTUS was faster, but GOATREICH - FLESHCULT is much more death and fleshy. 

No matter if leads/vokills/drums, we try to set in the instruments more effective in each album, to arrange it better and to develop in every aspect.

Um,...thanks for liking the tune, to finally record a slower track like SEPULTURE OF HYPOCRISY was for a long time in my mind now.

This death-eruption is in comparison to our other material slower but nevertheless typical BELPHEGOR.

Our intention since the foundation of the troup always have been to get better, GOATREICH - FLESHCULT is an example of aggressive yet technically exceptional death/blackest metal work.




Ralph Manfreda's cover art for Goatreich-Fleshcult  is provocative and in the same time real, sincere, atmospheric, and of good taste, in spite of the difficult topic represented (it’s not easy to represent certain scenes with class!). This is luciferian art!  Do you know Manfreda since long time?


Ralph has already created the LAST SUPPER cover at that time (95) which ensured a lot of commotion, he really is a genius, we love his constructions.

When planning the artwork for GOATREICH - FLESHCULT (which is a circumscription for hell, and the goat became a mascot,...on the new album we are hailing his Reich of death, lust & fire.  ), we knew we had to come up with the most blasphemous-horror stuff ever - fitting the lyrical, antichristian content.            


Let me tell u´, its not kinda image/bad boys or whatsoever bullshit, we all adore that kind of art, and that became our "path of sin"  since over an decade now.


We were lucky that Ralph Manfreda, which is an outstanding artist from Vienna, agreed  to do the artwork.

Still, we´ve never done this for any shock value, we really dig that obscure stuff, but if any moralizers out there feel provoked or disgusted by this art,  fine with me.




Considering this particular period, I think this is a question I must include in the interviews I  make in these days. And from the moment we deal with Belphegor here…. i presume that the reaction will be very big, according to the style, the concept and the lyrics typical of Belphegor. Ok, Wojtyla and Catholic religion, what do you think about what is happening now? A prophecy tells us that 2 popes only are left, hehehhee


I dont give a horseshit, it wont change anything, the one conservative sack goes and the next comes. The question at the moment is very present, i agree with Sigurds answer to the question of the last days: ....feed him to the pigs.




Now our almost impious and surely bloody question of the Game of the Tower! Our Tower represents the final dark “rite” for the bands we interview for the first time. 3 bands are waiting for you on the top of this high tower. You can  kick down 2 of them , saving only one from the deadly free fall. The 3 bands for you, Helmuth,  are Hammerfall, Slipknot, Sodom…


The only ones from the above mentioned bands who deserve a tower are SODOM for their life work, if you think about pearls like AGENT ORANGE and so on, then you can see that they have influenced generations of bands with their sound and they still do.




Thanx so much Helmuth! set Europe on fire!! We see us in Islikon!!

Well, thanks a lot Dalia,...we appreciate the support.

All Death/Black beings should go out and chekk GOATREICH - FLESHCULT.

Cheers to all demons out there who' ve been supporting and accompanying BELPHEGOR for years, see ya in CH, - Islikon/ C4 on 27th of april 05

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