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22 January 2005 -











review  by dalia  di giacomo and Boris Witta____

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Metal Forces VII
Metal Forces VI
Metal Forces V





Boris : - Finally, it’s again time for the Metal Forces Festival in Lörrach. The VIII part of the cult-event takes us to a new place, no more to the Burghof, but to the Wasserwerk, a location, which is a bit bigger than the Burghof and there is also kind of a balcony from which you have a very good view to the stage, and many people choose this possibility.

dalia : - yes Boris! indeed! Bright new venue which guests tonight one of its first metal concerts ever. It's a good thing that this new location offers more space and in general more volume with his high walls. There is the balcony, the  hall and a space for meeting and  merchandise where tonight it's also possible to get tattoos and piercings, thanks to the Modification stand. From the balcony-crossing,  through a comfortable staircase , people can gather in a quite comfortably large pit in front of the stage, a stage which is wide enough. But i get a kind of nostalgia for the  good old  Burghof, somehow i miss that homely place. Lots of memories! But the SAK Wasserwerk is the future!

Boris : - Always great on the Metal Forces is the good atmosphere, there are lots of friends and cool people who just have a good time together and celebrate a Metal-party. 

dalia : - True true, this is the soul  of the Metal Forces and will remain the same!

Boris : -Also some “VIPs” are here, for example Schmier and Mike from Destruction, but later more from that…


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DAWN OF DISEASE                    dawn of disease


Boris : - The Metal Forces Festival VIII starts with a little tradition, like on the MFF VII, the first band has to start with a delay. But the audience takes it easy and makes noise and atmosphere from the first second on. Dawn Of Disease from Osnabrück surely had the longest trip to Lörrach, but on stage, there’s no tiredness or anything else, the whole band starts very motivated, although the sound is not very good, the guitars are just very much too low. And after the first two songs, the light is finally spotting only to the stage and the room-light is off… Beside of that, it’s great to listen and bang to Dawn of Disease, they have a very special rhythm in their songs which appears very often, their Death Metal with influences from the USA is not too simple, but also not totally technical. Great, deep riffs, a roaring bass and aggressive vocals are the trademarks of Dawn Of Disease. Vocalist Thomas growls deep and his way of headbanging reminds to George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher from Cannibal Corpse. Most of the songs on the setilst are taken from the first EP “Through Bloodstained Eyes”, from which all songs are played, only “Fried Genitals” is a new killer. The audience seems to be very content with the band’s performance, there is lot of headbanging and very loud cheering after each song, although the sound doesn’t really gets better. But if you keep the fact in mind, that Dawn Of Disease didn’t have any soundcheck, the sound isn’t too bad at all. The gig passes fast, and I think the band appreciated to be part of the MFF VIII, and also the audience is content. Please soon again, but then with better sound (not the fault of the band, I know). 

Let’s now pass to Dalia…  

Setlist Dawn Of Disease

Through Bloodstained Eyes

Cut Per Cut

Sadistic Ejaculation

Rape The Unborn

Lust Auf Morden

Realies (Realize The Lies)

Fried Genitals




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DAVIDIAN        davidian     

Abuse of Power


dalia : -  Roger! thanks. It's me again  from the balcony. All in all i appreciated too the show  given by Dawn of Disease, a very good way to open this edition.  Davidian now! First time i see them live. Davidian is a German band whose image and fan-platform is growing enormously and not by chance. They have participated to shows and festival of first quality and are included in the German cult compilation The Reaper comes (IV volume) published form Heavy Record Horses. I'm gladly to say that their show , this evening, not only confirms all those positive  impressions i got reviewing their album ....but it is even able to reinforce them. It remains that their influences from Metallica are very evident, but thanks all saints it is really influence only, especially noticeable in the way of singing; they remind me so much of the old Metallica era. This is a compliment! As Lamb of God have totally reinvented and recycled Pantera for example, they could really re-invent Metallica. That discrepancy i found between texts and music, seems totally cancelled in the live show. Their vigorous, intensive and tight Thrash can shine. Davidian  presents also a  decent (this is to say adequate) mobility, while the moments of synchronic headbanging are spectacular enough considering that these long haired guys absolutely have the famous "physique du rôle" . Moreover they are energetic, precise, elastic and look professional. Already very trained. Like i  presumed from the CD "Abuse of Power", i can only gladly see that i was right: they are actually ready for any touring, first  of all cause they are  a band that shows no effort. A band that doesn't get tired. They proceed heavy and lively like the firebox of a steam locomotive pumping fuel in the crowd.  pumping up that vitality and strength typical of the Metal Forces. Heads are banging, applauses and good vibes are raising high. The only flaw comes again from sound,  the drumming jumps out  sporadically  too much in foreground  while the  guitars at times are melted too much, but , on the whole, this is a very good performance under every point of view.  I like to underline  Davidian's words in  memory of "Dimebag" Darrell. Dimebag , rest in peace!

Setlist Davidian

Religious Exploitation

Revenge Be Mine


Let Us Rise

Davidian Massacre

Feelings Of Anger

Davidian (Machine Head-Cover)  


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TREMORS       www.tremors.de 

The Reapers comes III

dalia : - Oh yes Tremors. I like somehow their logo, a kind of winged Chtulu or what?  Whatever, i like it, but apart from that, i'm very curious about the music of this German group. Do you remember the words i used  in order to describe  their song " Killing Aggression" in the review  of the third volume of The Reaper comes compilation? Here they are: i told  "Change of style,  and we are back to my beloved groovy mood!  Potent, a bit Doom, a lot energetic, they mix Death with Dark melodies." These words couldn't describe better today too  the change of atmosphere in this moment (from Davidian's high energetic Thrash to Tremors' darker tunes)  and the validity of their music.  For me personally,  Tremors are the real revelation of the evening. Their melodic Death metal, combined with Black and just a touch of Goth, becomes captivating . Slowly but unstoppable Tremors get the attention of the crowd and paint the Metal Forces with a very obscure, sinister though enjoyable colour. Their "gothic" bassist, who looks so suitable for a New Wave/ Electro/Goth band, is a living contrast when compared with the other members, nonetheless, also optically, the bands offers  a sum up of their musical direction which is fortunately much more homogeneous and melt together than their  look and their image. The vocals are quite abyssal, the songs are often cadenced, their drumming is vigorous but not invasive  providing powerful moments of double bass  drums and cymbals. Incisive, sharp moments of  short vampyric keys are not missed,  while agreeable and not predictable loops are balanced by bursts of enormous energy. The sound is satisfactory, the impact is great and impressive. The encore unavoidable. Tremors have done a great show delivering with self-possession and presence of force and mind their music so rich in  hammering force, strong Black push and atmospheric darkness. 


Setlist Tremors

Slow Down


Killing Aggression

From Below

Mental Massacre


Down In The Grave

Eternal Question


Fire Of Awakening



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JESUS CHRYSLER SUPERSKUNK    jesus chrysler superskunk


Boris : - After the strong gig of Tremors, I asked myself whether Jesus Chrysler Superskunk could hold the niveau and the mood of the audience. Well, they did it, but it was a hard work, and at the end, there weren’t too many people left in the room. But let’s start from the beginning: The band starts with pyros and an enormous sound intensity, a lot louder than the three bands before. On the drums, Sven Vormann, former member of Destruction, is sitting, and he is the pusher of the band, and he has indeed a great drive. Singer Thomas  could be known from the special band Ephemera’s Party, who also played at the last Metal Dayz in Pratteln in 2003. Bassman Erna  uses 6 strings, and this causes a real hard, brutal drowning, and because of this and the fact, that the band concentrates mostly on their thrashy way, there is a huge, very aggressive moshpit in front of the stage right after Jesus Chrysler Superskunk started playing. The longer the gig is, the more people become victims of the hard moshpit, but those who stay spend a lot of applause, also the singer and the drummer from the well-known band Umount and also Mike from Destruction, who visits the moshpit for a short time. I would call the music of Jesus Chrysler Superskunk a rocky, stony way of Thrash Metal, not my favourite style, but a cool thing. Again, there are some pyros in one song, and after the normal set, Sven comes to the edge of the stage and asks friendly, whether Jesus Chrysler Superskunk may play one more song. Of course they may, and now, there are some cool fires on the left and right side of the stage, before a cool gig of a special, extraordinary band ends.


Setlist Jesus Chrysler Superskunk

Mountain King (Intro)

Loudest No

MT Head


No One Knows My Name

Endtime Music

Spit A Prayer

Fighting Day

I&I United


Fear Freedom


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TANKARD           tankard        

Beast of Bourbon
Interview with Gerre
Tankard live in Luzern 2002


It gets more and more bizarre, don’t you think?

Boris : - And then, finally, it’s time for the ultimate Party-band, the alcoholic Thrashers Tankard, who start playing at about 01.00 o’clock. After a short intro, guitarist Andy Gutjahr and bassist Frank Thorwarth enter the stage, drummer Olaf was already sitting behind his kit. The crowd goes wild, moshpit from the first second on, and then he comes: Gerre himself, with his enormous belly, he runs on stage, begins immediately to bang and to play air guitar. “Need Money For Beer”, the motto of the evenig, is the opener and the beginning of a great Metal-party. Gerre is just a damn cool and funny entertainer, he dances around on stage, runs from one side of the stage to the other, sends kiss-hands to the audience, drinks uncountable bottles of beer and is always in contact with the fans. Example? Here we go: Once, a totally drunken fan lays stoned on the stage, and Gerre asks him, what he has to say. “Blamrgwrblltgbffs!” or something like that is the answer, Gerre smiles and says: “Well, one should say our audience isn’t intellectual”. Or a drunken young lady stands on stage. “And who are you?”, Gerre asks, but the girl only laughs histerically. “It gets more and more bizarre, don’t you think?” Absolutely. The set contains every classic, every party-hymn of the Frankfurter band, for example Thrashers like “The Morning After”, “Zombie Attack”, “Space Beer” or also newer songs like “Slipping From Reality” or “Rectifier” (Gerre: “Remember the “B-Day”-album? One song is great, the others are bullshit!”), tons of great riffs, where you just have to bang and celebrate, tons of groove and a lot of very good, very funny mood. The atmosphere is just great, although some people leave, because it’s already very late. Once, a female fan always looks on Gerre’s foot. “Do you want to have my shoes? I have to say that I am also a foot-fetishist, so we could exchange E-mail-addresses and send us some pictures of feet!”. Sensational. Tankard are always very ironic, always full of motivation and tight as fuck. “The next song is the only song of us which hasn’t anything to do with drinking beer. It’s a very serious one. “New fucking Liver Please”!”. The audience goes wild, the whole band walks a lot on stage, Gerre puts the micro into his short trousers and pounds it on his body, and suddenly, Lord Boron from the Metal Maniacs Markgräflerland enters the stage and shows his also very big belly with a very drunken-proud smile. Well, you can only lose against Gerre’s belly… More people leave, but the atmosphere is still very good, also because of the hymn “Freibier” with its great shout-along chorus, or the funny “Don’t Panic”. “Look at our guitarist, he stands on the wall and is ashamed. Did you piss in your trousers? Well, that also happens to me from time to time, but nothing more from this…”. Gerre live. Tankard motivate the people to give everything, and after more than an hour, the band leaves the stage, but of course they come back with the two ultimate killers “Alien” and “(Empty) Tankard”. An infernal great concert, one of the most funny gigs I ever attended, only sad that the concert started this late, so that many people had to leave before the end. But nevertheless, this was a glorious end of a great festival. I think everyone who was there will confirm this. Metal-party as Metal-party can. Great!! And soon, there will be the 9th part of the Metal Forces Festival…


Setlist Tankard

Need Money For Beer

The Morning After

Zombie Attack

Slipping From Reality

Queen Of Hearts

Space Beer

New Liver Please

Maniac Forces

Die With A Beer In Your Hand

Nation Over Nation

Dancing On Our Grave


Don’t Panic


Beyond The Pubyard


Chemical Invasion



(Empty) Tankard  

dalia : - Very likely in the fall! the IX edition should take place  this next autumn! We look forward to it and in the meanwhile we  thank Daniele, Svea, Garfield  and all the Metal Forces friends for this eighth great edition. Let's celebrate with... endless pleasure!

dalia di giacomo - Boris Witta


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