Drummer Hubi's last concert with Darkmoon 

and  presentation of the new recruit

 Laurent Strack





at Galery - PRATTELN - CH



review coming up soon

all photos by Stefan W. Vogelaar

[The public use of these photos  is strictly prohibited without written permission]




on the left Patric "Hubi" Hubacher and, on the right, new Darkmoon drummer Laurent Strack







"Hubi" and Dalia


MORTAL FACTOR   www.mortalfactor.com  




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DARKMOON   www.darkmoon.ch           
CD Release party in Basel 2005
Of Bitterness and Hate
Darkmoon in Little Creek Studio
Darkmoon live Deathwish 2005
Darkmoon live Gryphonparty II
Darkmoon live Deathwish 2004
Darkmoon live MetalForces VI
Black Domain







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