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This must be the 4th time in the last 4 years that Paradise Lost came to Thessaloniki. They were here in 2002, 2003, 2004 and now in early 2006 we have the chance to see them live once again while promoting their latest studio album entitled Paradise Lost.

This time they were playing an even bigger venue than they had in the previous times here, the biggest room of the Mylos facilities which takes around 1300 people. About 800 people showed up for the concert, about the same amount of fans that were in all the other Paradise Lost shows the past 3 years.

No support bands this time, although there was a big chance that a great local band was going to play but it finally didnít happen. At around 10 pm the lights went out and the intro of Donít Belong was on. The audience starts to applause and the band enters stage. Nick sings the first verses of the song and the concert begins. Another song from the latest album was next, the very catchy and incredible Grey. Then a blast from the past with Widow! Erased from Symbol Of Life was played next with lots of participation by the crowd especially in the chorus. Redshift from PL and then Mystify again from SoL. The electronic samples that were heard in the intro of the next song made it quite clear that a song from Host was going to be played and it was no other than So Much Is Lost, the one and only song the band performs live from this particular album which is based a lot on electronic samples and is hard to fit songs from it in a heavy metal set list. The song like all the other times was heavier in itís live version although the pre-recorded electronic samples were all around the song.

Next 2 songs were for the old fans of the band, the old school PL fans that wanted something from the pre-One Second era, these 2 songs were Emberís Fire and Hallowed Land. The fans seemed to react very warm during all songs but when it comes to songs from especially Draconian Times, then the reaction becomes wild. I was very happy to hear the band play more stuff from the PL album and Accept The Pain was next. Then Nick introduced a song that many people might have not heard before, it was a b-side from a single called Sweetness. Personally I had never heard it before but there were many people who were familiar with it and participated in the singing, a really good song and a cool idea to play something obscure apart from the classics. No Celebration and For All You Leave were next and then the crowds favorite, As I Die brought the place down from everyoneís screams and shouts. The oldies didnít stop here and the couple next songs were Enchantment and True Belief. One Second was next in line, this song works really well live and I am glad that the band doesnít forget to play live material from such a great record. At that point the band left the stage to come back for the first encore of the night with Forever After, Over The Madness and Say Just Words. After leaving the stage for a second time they came back for the very last song of the show and it was no other than The Last Time. The show ended with everyone jumping up and down and singing for the last time until the next time the band visits us.

It was another Paradise Lost show and it was another great show like all the other times. This band never looses the spirit and feeling and while they donít seem to have huge performance differences between their tours they surely manage to maintain the level of their playing very high and I believe they never leave their fans disappointed. Personally I never get bored of watching them perform live. The set list is always well balanced between old and new songs. What can I sayÖ I wish they come back again next year!


Dimitris Theodoropoulos  



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